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Meet Guide: Your Ultimate AI-Powered Trip Planner
Planning a trip can often be a daunting and time-consuming process. As travelers, we understand the frustrations of sifting through countless tabs and struggling to find the best recommendations.
Guide is an AI-powered trip planner that revolutionizes your travels. In just seconds, Guide takes the stress out of planning by providing a customizable, high-quality itinerary you can share with friends.
What makes Guide different?
Many AI travel planners only offer chat-based experiences or generic recommendations that may not be open. Here's how we're different.

Guide creates a great starting point for your itinerary in seconds. It recommends high quality places that would have taken you hours and dozens of open tabs to find.


We ensure reliable recommendations by cross-checking with trusted sources like Lonely Planet.


Guidebot acts as your own virtual travel agent. It can answer questions about your itinerary and edit it for you.


Collaborate effortlessly by adding your travel companions to your Guide trip.

Group planning

We’ve partnered with Expedia so you can research and book your stay without ever leaving Guide.

Made for the:
travel lovers
adventure seekers
budget travelers
nitty gritty planners
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I could spend 10 hours planning the perfect trip and see everything I want to, or I can spend 15 min using this app!
Andrew J.
Guide is like an 8th wonder of the world that enables me to explore the other 7!
Alberto B.
It finds things for me. Way easier to use than those "top 10 things to do in..." articles.
Jessica P.
Meet the team
Tony Navarro
Oscar Cullen
Rigo Miranda
Claudia Corral
Eduardo Alfonzo
Xiomara Figueroa

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Guide?

Guide is an innovative travel planning tool that uses the power of artificial intelligence to create highly customizable travel itineraries. It's not just a planner; it's a social tool that allows you to involve your friends and family in the trip planning process, making the journey together even more enjoyable right from the start.

2. How does Guide use AI to come up with recommendations?

In short, Guide uses artificial intelligence to generate recommendations. The difference between Guide and other AI trip planners is that we’ve combined the power of AI with other sources to ensure we only recommend high quality places that are actually open. Specifically, we use a combination of the below: ' + 'We partner with Lonely Planet, one of the most trusted brands in travel, to check their database for activity and restaurant recommendations. ' + 'We also analyze Google Reviews and location data to ensure we’re recommending the most up-to-date spots. ' + 'Finally, we leverage the community’s feedback to improve our recommendations. That’s why Guide will continue to get better the more you use it.

3. What can I use Guide for?

Guide is your ultimate travel companion, offering much more than just trip planning. It helps you create personalized itineraries, book flights and accommodations, manage your budget, generate packing lists, and even features a travelbot ready to answer any question about your destination. From start to finish, Guide streamlines the travel experience, ensuring that every aspect of your journey is taken care of with personalized assistance and information at your fingertips. Moreover, Guide is a social platform, allowing you and your travel companions to plan your journey together.

4. Can Guide help me plan and book my entire trip, such as helping me find flights, hotels, and car rentals?

Guide can recommend suitable hotels and flights that align with your preferences. We’ve partnered with Expedia so you can book your hotel directly within Guide. Soon, you’ll be able to search available flights and complete the booking process on Expedia.com. Please note that all post-booking customer service inquiries will be managed by Expedia.

5. Can Guide assist with travel insurance and other related services?

Currently, Guide does not offer travel insurance or related services.

6. Can Guide assist with creating a budget for my trip?

Guide prepares a budget estimate for your trip, allowing you to understand your spending across different categories. Of course, Guide provides only estimates! We don’t really know what you’ll order at that Michelin star restaurant.

7. Is there a collaboration feature in Guide that can help with group travel planning?

Guide offers a collaboration feature that makes group travel planning a breeze. You can invite friends and family to collaborate in real-time, allowing everyone to contribute and help shape the itinerary. You’ll see notifications live as your travel mates make updates to the itinerary. You can also receive daily or weekly digests via e-mail with a recap of all notifications. Lastly, Guide allows for group chat, whether you want to chat with a friend or GuideBot, our AI travel expert.

8. Can Guide provide real-time updates on travel information and alerts?

We're excited to announce that this feature will be available in the future. We're continuously working on improving Guide to provide you with real-time travel information and alerts.

9. Is there a fee or subscription required to use Guide?

No, Guide is completely free! All you need to do is create an account and you're ready to start planning your dream trip.