Zonli Weighted Blanket Review

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Zonli Weighted Blanket Review

The Zonli Weighted Blanket is just like any blanket you might tuck into your bed—it just weighs a lot more. Available in a variety of sizes and weights—starting at 15 lbs and maxing out at 25 lbs—this blanket is a great option for people who are looking to sleep more soundly.

Made from 100 percent cotton and filled with non-toxic poly pellets, the quilted stitching in the blanket keeps weight evenly distributed, so there's no chance all the pellets will wind up in one VERY heavy corner. The weightiness of the blanket mimics the feeling of being held or hugged, which in turn calms the nervous system and helps with relaxation.

Reviewers love this blanket, many citing it having a positive impact on anxiety, stress, and insomnia. They also note that because the blanket is made from cotton, it's a bit cooler than some of the other weighted blankets out there, which helps ensure you don't overheat while you're sleeping.

There is one issue with the blanket, which is that it doesn't have a removable cover. If you're at all concerned about it getting dirty, we recommend buying one—a regular duvet cover will do. The blanket itself is just so heavy that it's not a good idea to put it in your washing machine.


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