Yunko Egg Mold Review

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Yunko Egg Mold Review

Remember when eating hard-boiled eggs used to be fun? No? That's because hard-boiled eggs are the white bread of laid-protein snacks -- they're white, plain, and kind of boring. Or, they were until we discovered egg molds.

Just put an extra-large, hard-boiled and peeled egg into one of six provided molds, submerge it in cold water for ten minutes, and you have an egg car. Or an egg bear. Or an egg rabbit. No matter which mold you choose, you'll end up with an adorable egg that will get kids excited and adults saying, "5 stars. Would mold again."

Pro tip: use extra large eggs for these molds.

Pro tip II: You'll have best results if you mold the eggs before they get cold.

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