The Best Fitness Tracker for When You’re Sleeping

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The Best Fitness Tracker for When You’re Sleeping

If you’re in the market for a fitness tracker that seamlessly connects to your phone, automatically transitions between tracking your steps, your exercise, and your sleep, and can give you insight into the quality of sleep you’re getting, the Withings Activite Pop is the tracker for you. It’s also gorgeous and looks like a regular watch to the casual observer.

This fitness tracker syncs with the Health Mate app, which offers a real-time coaching program that encourages you to make healthy choices like eating well and exercising, it’ll make suggestions on how to integrate more walking into your everyday routine. The watch face comes in three different colors, and there are six band colors to choose from, all of which are mix-and-matchable.

And if you’ve ever contemplated participating in a sleep study, you can basically do that from the comfort of your own bed with this fitness tracker. It monitors your sleep cycles and gives you detailed insight into the quality of sleep that you’re getting.

Like many of the other fitness trackers we looked at, this one is waterproof, so go ahead and dive into the swimming pool with it on. Just take it off before you go scuba diving.

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