Weighted Sensor Lap Pads Review

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Weighted Sensor Lap Pads Review

Not everyone who needs soothing is looking to sleep under a weighted blanket. A lap pad often does wonders for people who are feeling anxious but aren't able to lay down and take a nap.

This lap pad is available in 14 different color combinations and 5 different weights. Due to its small size, it's ideal for traveling. The pad is made from soft, minky fabric and weighed down with BPA-free, high-density poly pellets.  

Lap pads have long been used by therapists for soothing insomnia, sensory issues, ADHD, and anxiety. We recommend them for people who aren't quite sold on the concept of a weighted blanket and want to give one a test drive before committing to one that's full-sized. The gentle pressure this pad applies to your lap should be enough to help approximate whether a weighted blanket will have a positive impact on your anxiety. This lap pad also has a great return policy, so if a weighted blanket isn't your thing, it can be returned for a full refund.

We also love that this lap pad is small enough to toss in the washer if it gets dirty, though some reviewers recommend putting it in a pillowcase to keep it clean longer.


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