Vitamix Refurbished Blender Review

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Vitamix Refurbished Blender Review

If you’re thinking that a Vitamix blender is right for you, but the price is a little exorbitant, then why not give a refurbished blender a spin?

A used Vitamix blender is certified refurbished by either the company itself or a trusted third-party, ensuring that the machine will look and work like new, with no signs of wear.

And the power of this machine! It’s easy to create soups, sauces, dressings and more in minutes. Check these nine recipe ideas the Vitamix will excel at. The appliance comes fully equipped with variable speed controls; a commercial-grade 2-peak horsepower motor; and a 64-ounce BPA-free container with an extremely useful, spill-proof vented lid.

Prices start at $329 depending on the refurbished model... and we’ll take that basic one at $329 when it’s available.  It doesn’t get much better than saving money and getting a high-powered luxury machine. 

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