Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender Review

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Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender Review

Power in a blender is nice. But so is peace and quiet. If your family values (and we mean values) its sleep, then it may be worth investing in this $480 beauty.

The Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender uses a smaller and sleeker design than the 5200 Series, and it can fit under most kitchen cabinets. It’s also a much quieter machine, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your family if you’re making a meal or smoothie.

The Series 300 machine has 10 variable speeds, making life easier when you’re trying to make a hearty soup or the smoothest smoothie. Here is a great asparagus soup recipe that will turn out great with this Vitamix.

With an ideal combination of size, power and precision, the Vitamix Professional Series 300 Blender is the most expensive on the list at $480, but you can’t put a price on blending perfection...or that extra half hour of snooze time.

And if all the features and benefits weren’t enoough, here are 9 delicious Vitamix recipes to get you inspired.

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