The Best Healthy Snack Box

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The Best Healthy Snack Box

This box is ideal for the health-conscious snacker. All of the products delivered via UrthBox are strictly regulated, non-GMO, and organic, ensuring that only healthy treats make their way to your doorstep. 

Each UrthBox includes full-sized packages of all kinds of different foods, including snack bars, dried meats, crisps, cookies, crackers, nuts and seeds, dried fruits and veggies, trail mixes, and even chocolate, among others. Boxes may also include extras like supplements, hygiene products, and hair and skincare items.

UrthBoxes are available in four different sizes: Mini, which includes at least six snacks; Small, which includes at least 12 snacks; Medium, which includes at least 18 snacks; and Large, which includes at least 25 snacks. Additionally, UrthBox subscriptions are customizable to certain dietary needs and can be ordered in four different varieties—Classic, Diet, Gluten Free, and Vegan. urthbox subscribers are able to earn points that can be used towards future discounts. Boxes are delivered on a monthly basis. 

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