The Ultimate Guide to Puzzles

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The Ultimate Guide to Puzzles

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you finish a puzzle. Chase that feeling in our puzzle guides which range from big to small and walks in the park to you'll never want to do another puzzle again. These are such gorgeous puzzles that you'll want to do them right away, but we understand if you need to roll or stow them when life gets in the way.

The Best 500 Piece Puzzles
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Five-hundred piece puzzles offer some intricacy, but you can finish one in an afternoon, especially with some help. So you can get straight to enjoying this puzzle sweet spot, we searched high and low for the best 500 piece puzzles, ruling out brands with poorly cut or even missing pieces along the way. You're just a few clicks away from getting the perfect fit for your next indoors-y adventure!

The Best 1000 Piece Puzzles

The 1000-piece puzzle is a classic passtime that transcends ages. These puzzles range from extremely difficult to merely time-consuming and offer a satisfying sense of accomplishment. We found some of the most beautiful puzzles that ship with all their well-cut pieces so you can enjoy putting them together!

The Best 2000 Piece Puzzles

If 1000 piece puzzles aren't enough for you, 2000 piece puzzles can really get the gears turning. Ranging from massive finished pictures to simply tiny pieces, let these difficult puzzles take over your sanity and/or living room.

The 8 Best 5000 Piece Puzzles

Five hundred piece puzzles? Ha! A thousand? So simple! When it comes to puzzles, you go big or go home (unless you're already home). For a serious challenge, you need a 5,000 piece puzzle.

We did some deep digging to find awesome puzzles that will push your pattern recognition to its limits. 

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