The Best Pet Carrier for Escape Artists

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The Best Pet Carrier for Escape Artists

Ok, this thing is just awesome. The U-pet Bubble Pet Carrier has all the functions of a regular pet carrier, but features a semi-sphere window to give your kitty (or rabbit, or small doggie) an excellent view of his surroundings with the utmost safety. 

The U-pet carrier also has a built-in security leash to prevent escapes. If the window isn’t your thing, you can switch it out for a mesh panel or even remove it entirely if you’re sure Fido won’t try to escape. The bag has a number of ventilation holes as well as a washable, soft, pad to keep occupants happy and comfy. The backpack straps are padded for maximum comfort and the rubber-clad handle on top of the bag makes it easy to grab when you’re on the move. One of the more robust backpack carriers out there, the U-pet Bubble Pet Carrier can accommodate pets that weigh up to 16 pounds.

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