The Best Box for Snackers with Wanderlust

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The Best Box for Snackers with Wanderlust

It’s time for an adventure! For snackers looking to expand their horizons and try new things, the Try the World Snack Box delivers either five or 10 different snacks from all over the world right to your front door. The gourmet snacks included in every Try the World Snack Box are directly sourced from their countries of origin. And, for the curious snacker, each box includes information about the artisan-made products, as well as stories about the producers’ craft and traditions.

Treats in the Try the World Snack Box can be sweet or savory, but all of them are easy to eat on the go. For those who want their adventurous eating to go beyond snacking, there is also the classic Try the World box, which ships less-snack friendly (but still delicious!) gourmet foodstuffs each month. Try the World also has an active social media presence and members often share what they received with #trytheworld.

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