The Traveler’s Survival Pack: 19 Necessary Items When Traveling

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The Traveler’s Survival Pack: 19 Necessary Items When Traveling

Most everyone catches the travel bug at some point. However, being away from home comes with its own set of challenges. Unfamiliar sleeping situations, lack of preferred toiletries, noise… It all can really put a damper on an awesome vacation. 

That's where this survival pack comes in. Here is everything travelers may need to be comfortable, well-rested, and well-groomed when away from home.


Make that Airbnb smell like your home state with these Homesick Candles. 

Each candle's scent profile was developed with input from locals to ensure they offer the right aroma.

Candles That Smell Like Home

This super-soft and very breathable silk mask is designed to be cool and comfortable no matter how long you wear it. It also has an adjustable, snag-free strap so that the mask is never too loose or too tight. 

Reviewers absolutely love it, noting that it works well with other sleep aids, like headphones or earplugs.

A Mask For Guaranteed Shut Eye

Meant to protect your hearing from loud harmful noises at loud events like concerts, these earplugs also do a fantastic job blocking out noise when you're trying to fall asleep. In fact, they can reduce noise by up to 21 decibels. 

They're also reusable, so you can reduce waste, and come with an aluminum carry case, making them easy to take on the go.

And Earplugs to Drown Out Extra Noise

Shuffling around a hotel room or your buddy's apartment in the cold with bare feet is almost unbearable.

A nice pair of slippers keeps your feet warm and lets you walk unfamiliar rooms without worrying about stubbing your toes. We like these slippers in particular because of their anti-skid rubber soles.

A Cozy Pair of Slippers

Whether you're ordering a delicious room service breakfast or you're sleeping on your sister's couch, you don't want to have put on people clothes right when you wake up. 

These pjs keep you covered and look pretty put together, but are also super comfortable. They also come in extra-small to extra-extra-large, so you're sure to find a set that fits perfectly!

Pajamas You Won’t Be Embarrassed To Be Seen In

Time to level up from those holey old sweat pants and gross tee shirt—you cannot be seen walking around in those. 

This set isn't just comfy, the plaid pants look pretty sharp as well! Available to in small to extra-large sizes and three different colors.

Pajamas for the Dudes Too!

We get it, not everyone is down with leather.

If you want a vegan valet tray to prevent the loss of items with nowhere else to go, give this one a whirl. Like the leather version, it has snaps in the corners so it lays flat when you need to stash it away between guests.

And One For Vegans

A great host creates a place for guests to stash all those little things that can get lost when they're away from home—think jewelry, watch, and lip balm. 

You don't want to be sending an accidentally left behind wedding ring through the mail! The best part about this tray is that the sides unsnap so that it lays flat for easy storage.

A Place to Keep All Their Stuff

Quite a large percentage of people require a cup of java to get going in the morning and good hosts make sure they have some on hand—even if they aren't coffee drinkers themselves. 

This premium instant coffee dissolves in both hot and cold water, so even if guests are iced coffee evangelists, they'll be able to get a morning caffeine jolt.

Instant Coffee for Caffeine-addicted Guests

We've got you covered. This tea bag sampler offers basically every type of tea—black, green, white, herbal, even chai. 

That way you can be sure to offer your guest her favorite brew.

But What If They’re Tea Drinkers?

Staying organized when you're on the go can be extremely difficult. 

Make getting ready in an unfamiliar place easier with a toiletry organizer.

A Bag to Keep all of Your Toiletries in Order

Just thinking about squirting shampoo into those little TSA-approved bottles gives us anxiety. 

This kit handles all of those gooey liquid necessities—and then some—for less than ten bucks. Totally worth it.

Pre-packed Toiletries for Ladies

Dudes are not immune to the packing hassle. 

We love that you can just grab this kit and go without worrying about getting flagged at airport security.

And For Men

No one likes when their house guests steal their phone chargers.

Have a few of these on hand for if and when your guests' iPhones run out of juice. They're also super long, so no one will feel tethered to the wall if their waiting for the charge.

An Extra-long Charging Cable for iPhones…

We are equal-opportunity smartphone users here at The Guide. 

Here's a 10-foot cable for Android enthusiasts as well.

...Or Android Device

This 7" Fire tablet has more than 12,800 reviews on Amazon! 

It's inexpensive (for a tablet) and powerful enough to stream video. It also has enough memory to hold hundreds of books. Perfect for when you have a long "To Read" list, but don't want to tote around a library.

A Tablet For Keeping Up On Your Shows And Your Reading

Walking through an unfamiliar house in the dark is a recipe for stubbed toes and banged shins. 

Grab a mini flashlight so you can find the bathroom without getting bruised. 

A Mini Flashlight So You Don’t Stub Your Toes

Not every couch is equipped with a lamp for late-night reading. 

This simple little clip on light travels well and can attach to damn near anything for a little extra illumination.

A Clip On Light For Paper Book Evangelists

More often than not, flying is an undying nightmare. Use this Airhook to customize your space a smidgen and make it a little more pleasant.

This awesome little gadget keeps your phone and beverage at arm's reach without the risk of dropping them into that no-man's land under your feet.

A Way to Stay Organized While In Flight

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