14 Awesome Toys For 7 Year Old Boys

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14 Awesome Toys For 7 Year Old Boys

Are you looking for something to give a seven year-old boy? Maybe it’s for a birthday or holiday, or maybe it’s a gift just because. Let The Guide be your, well, guide!

We’ve researched the top toys for this age, and listed them all here for your shopping convenience. It’s as easy as clicking a link! Scroll down and see all the hottest gear for little guys, from a motorized solar system to the latest board games … there’s even a dinosaur that passes gas! So much fun on one list.

Best For Fast Fellows

New from PlayMonster, this racing game will have kids speeding around and burning energy. 

The object of the game is to race to match their tagger to the color of the flashing light on the targets. Each game changes, so it’s new every time, and kids can set their own courses. Plus, they can play alone or on teams for extra competition. Ages 6+

Best For The Mini Stuntman

New from Hasbro, the Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally blaster shoots speedy foam cars instead of balls or foam darts. 

Set up the included ramps and obstacles, then blast the 9 cars (3 of which are unique to this set) into high-flying stunts. Ages 5+

Best For The Fort Constructor

This flexible fort kid comes with 69 pieces to build a custom structure. 

Kids can use the flexible rods and connectors to create a shape of their choice, then just need to drape it with a blanket or sheet! (Note: to build the igloo pictured you’d need more than one set.) For ages 5+

Best For The Brainiac
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Remember Simon? The 80s memory game is still alive and well with Hasbro. Bring it to a new generation and put your kid’s skills to the test. 

The game will spit out a pattern in its lights. Players must copy the flashing light sequences to move on to more complicated patterns. The updated version features an LCD display that tracks your wins and allows multiple people to play. 3 AA batteries included. Best for ages 7+

Best For The Aspiring Stormtrooper

LEGOs and Star Wars go together like peanut butter and jelly. 

This little building set is sure to be a hit with your little guy. Includes 2 Stormtrooper mini figures, plus a First Order technician and crew member ready to blast the Resistance with a stud shooter from the turbo laser turret. The turret features hatches hiding a control center and ammo storage. Includes 88 pieces. Best for ages 6-12.

Best For Kids Who Loved The Eclipse

Did he go nuts for the recent eclipse? Expand his knowledge of the solar system with this light-up model from Educational Insights. 

The sun is lit with an ultra-bright bulb, so light shines on the motorized planets, showing how they orbit. The set converts to a planetarium for additional educational fun. Turn off the lights for a cool space experience in his room! The model also features a night-light mode with automatic shut-off, so he can drift off gazing at the planets. This is a great STEM toy to promote his interest in science. Not included: 4 C batteries or a/c adapter.

Zuru Fidget Spinner Toy Review

Fidget spinners are going strong, and he probably wants to add to his collection. 

Available in four colors, these smooth spinners from ZURU will satisfy any kid’s need to spin. These high-quality gizmos feature low-friction technology and zinc-coated ball-bearings for over 3 minutes of spinning action. You might even want to try this trendy toy yourself!

Best For The Guy With A Green Thumb

Your curious kid can put together their own trendy terrarium with this science craft. 

Everything in included to create his own little world in a jar. Plant wheat and Chia seeds in the plastic mason-style jar (planting matter, sand, and potting mix included), and then mist daily to watch the plants grow. Arrange the bunny and toadstool figures and decorate with 45 glow-in-the-dark stickers to illuminate the jar at night. For ages 6+

Best For The Happy Camper

He can pretend it’s summer all year with this detailed camping lodge from Playmobil. 

The set includes 1 adult and 3 child figures, who can participate in classic camp activities like archery and campfire fun. There’s even a zip line! The furnished lodge has everything they need for imaginative play, including a stocked kitchen and five bunk beds. For ages 4+, the set contains 136 pieces.

Best For The Escape Artist

The latest Spy Code game from YULU Toys centers on a new trend: escape rooms. 

Players (aged 6 and up) must work together to free a “captured” friend through skill, strategy, and luck challenges. With each challenge, a portion of the needed key is revealed. Obtain the key and free the captured player. Kids may not be able to visit an escape room game venue, but they can play Operation Escape at home.

Best For The Gamer

This modern game incorporates digital gameplay with physical stacking, making for a unique tabletop experience. 

Kids can play solo, or with family or friends. Players discover different beasts by stacking some of the 24 pieces on the sensing plinth; you’ll see your creature appear in your digital world. The aim is to work together to build the tallest tower possible — knock it over and a virtual volcano will destroy the world you’ve built!

Best Belching Dino

Yowza! Watch out for this fiery T-Rex. He’s an interactive dinosaur with 8 different sounds. 

This light-up toy is touch and motion-activated and can stomp, snore, chew, and even fart (much to your kid’s delight, no doubt), among other actions. If you touch 2 points at once you’ll hear some hidden sounds

Best For The Offroader

This wild, all-terrain RC vehicle can go off road and do crazy stunts. 

Ballistik Mode allows you to kick things up a notch and go even faster. The sleek vehicle can pivot instantly and do 180 spins, among other stunts. Plus it charges faster than other RC vehicles, leaving more time for racing! The battery gives you 30 minutes of play for 30 minutes of charge time. New from Mattel, best for ages 5+

Best Robot Dog

Ideal for ages 6 and up, Hasbro’s new robot dog has so many fun features; kids can program their toy’s personality using an accessible coding program. 

Over 400 sounds and 100 eye animations are available — you can even make Proto Max chase his tail! Coding tutorials are available in the app, which also has fun interactive games to play with the pup. What other pet can teach your kid to code? Requires 4AA batteries, not included.

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