The Best Fitness Tracker for Music Lovers

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The Best Fitness Tracker for Music Lovers

With the increasing popularity of the phablet phones like Samsung’s Galaxy Note series and Apple’s iPhone Plus, the idea of hauling your phone along for your run or your gym workout has become pretty unappealing. Enter the connected fitness tracker.

With onboard memory that allows you to bring your music with you without bringing your work email, texts from your aunt, or distractions from social media, the TomTom Spark Cardio + Music will track your performance and provide instant audio feedback on your workout.

It holds up to 500 songs—about twice as many as an iPod shuffle, and the battery will last around five hours if you’re using the GPS and music functions.

Another cool feature of this fitness tracker is that it allows you to set specific goals to challenge yourself to take more steps or burn more calories. The Spark Cardio + Music also understands five different heart rate zones to maximize the effectiveness of your workout.

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