The Best Ways to Bring Matcha Green Tea Into Your Life

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The Best Ways to Bring Matcha Green Tea Into Your Life
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Matcha is everywhere these days! The superfood powder—made from ground green tea leaves—has developed a following for not just its rich, delicious taste, but also for its reputation as a superfood. Basically, because you’re ingesting the powder, you’re getting more nutrients and antioxidants than you would from a steeped tea. 

Matcha powder is traditionally whisked into hot water or milk, but today, culinary adventurers are tossing a bit of matcha into everything from breakfast bowls, lattes, and smoothies to desserts and savory dishes. 

Looking to get a little bit of this superfood into your diet but not sure where to start? This list has something for you.

The Simplest Way to Drink Matcha

Teapigs Super Power Matcha Green Tea Drink is great for those times when you need the natural caffeine and nutrient boost that comes with matcha, but don’t have time to make yourself a cup before you head out the door. The pre-packaged Matcha Green Tea Drinks are perfect to grab-and-go and are available in three flavors, elderflower, grapefruit, and apple.

Best Matcha If You Love Chai

Is there anything more comforting than a hot cup of chai? Maybe a combination of chai and matcha! The Whistling Kettle’s Matcha Chai delivers not only the health benefits of matcha, but the spicy and delicious flavors of traditional chai. The Whistling Kettle recommends adding milk and sugar to this brew before sipping to keep the heat level manageable.

Best Matcha for People With a Serious Latte Habit

 A latte habit is a hard one to break. Luckily, if you’re looking to wean yourself off of coffee but still want a warm and filling drink first thing in the morning, you can switch to matcha! Rishi Sweet Matcha is a blend of matcha and pure cane sugar, making it slightly sweet for that morning pick-me-up.

Best Matcha for Cooking on a Budget

Let’s be clear, matcha isn’t just for tea and lattes. It’s an excellent ingredient for smoothie drinkers looking to add superfoods to their morning routine, and it can be the perfect seasoning for people who want to make their cooking a little extra. But using the ceremonial-grade stuff in the kitchen can be cost-prohibitive. Jade Leaf’s Organic Japanese Matcha is a culinary-grade matcha available at a reasonable price. So superfood those smoothies and season to your heart’s content!

Best Matcha for Gourmet Cooking
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Matcha may be the most Instagram-ready ingredient for culinary feats of wonder. Its bright green hue makes for gorgeous photos, and its earthy taste gives a little extra oomph to any dish it’s added to. So if you’re cooking to impress, go for the good stuff. Bohdhi Organics Premium Grade Organic Cooking Matcha is made for the kitchen.

Best Matcha for Masters of Ceremony

Time to start getting fancy. Encha’s Organic Matcha is a premium, first-harvest matcha grown on a farm in Uji, Kyoto, Japan. Specially grown to be “ceremonial-grade,” that is, appropriate for use in traditional matcha ceremonies, pair this tea with a new bamboo whisk and proper matcha bowl for the complete matcha experience.

Best On-The-Go Matcha

You never know when you’re going to need an energy boost. Teapigs’ Matcha Sachets are great for busy people who may need a matcha fix when they’re out and about. Stash a couple packets in your desk drawer, purse, or gym bag so that you’re never without a quick pick-me-up.

Best Intro to the Taste of Matcha

Lipton’s Magnificent Matcha teabags are a combination of green tea and matcha, delivering a matcha taste without having to do any powder measuring or whisking. Perfect for people who want to ease into the matcha experience and don’t necessarily want to invest in powder or tools before giving it a try.

Best “Light” Matcha

Harney & Sons offers two types of matcha, Matcha Jobetsugi and Matcha Senjunomukashi. Jobetsugi is the thinner of the two, offering a lighter take on traditional matcha drinks. And, according to Harney & Sons, the light touch of this matcha makes it a perfect pairing for chocolates. So brew up a cup and grab your bon bons!

Best Matcha for Fruit Lovers

What a tropical delight! Traditionally, matcha has an earthy, vegetal palate, but that’s not for everyone. So if you want the health benefits of matcha in a fruity package, this is a great option. Mix it in hot or cold water, or even smoothies for an extra healthy boost first thing in the morning.

Best Matcha/Cocoa Hybrid

Now we’re talking! Two types of deliciousness meet in Mighty Leaf’s Organic Cocoa Matcha. A combination of organic matcha from Japan and organic cocoa powder, this drink is just begging to be sipped while reading a good book on a rainy day. For a truly decadent treat, blend into hot milk.

Best Matcha for Detoxing
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Beyond the usual nutrients, Republic of Tea’s UŸ-Matcha Charcoal also contains activated bamboo charcoal to help cleanse the digestive system. And don’t let the fact that there’s charcoal in this matcha put you off, it’s pretty much flavorless so that the earthy matcha taste takes precedence. Republic of Tea recommends drinking two cups per day for detoxing.

Best Matcha Chocolate Indulgence

Sometimes, you just gotta indulge. And what better way to do so than with MarieBelle New York’s Japanese Matcha Truffle Box. The 20 hand-shaped white chocolates rolled in Japanese Matcha powder are perfect for any occasion. Grab them for fancy parties, bridal or baby showers, or just a day in on the couch under a cozy blanket.

Best Ceremonial Matcha Tea Set

While some people may be hesitant to jump right in, others are all about taking the plunge. If you’re new to matcha but want the full experience, check out Panatea’s Ceremonial Matcha Starter Set. It includes everything you need for a matcha ceremony, including ceremonial-grade matcha for 30 servings, a bamboo whisk, a glass bowl, and a measuring scoop.

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