The Best Tea Subscription Boxes to Up Your Self-Care Game

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The Best Tea Subscription Boxes to Up Your Self-Care Game

In a fast-paced, non-stop world, the idea of self-care is having a moment. Taking some “me-time” to settle into your favorite chair and read a book, head to the gym, or take a cozy nap. However, if carving out an hour or two seems impossible among meetings, deadlines, and the ever-growing laundry mountain in your bedroom, maybe you need to start small. Like with a 10-minute tea break? Signing up for a tea subscription box is the simplest way to sneak a little self-care into your daily routine. And, when the tea comes right to your door, all you have to do is plop the kettle on the stove and pencil “Tea Time” into your planner.

Here are a bunch of tea subscription boxes that can easily slide right into your routine.

Also, a quick pro tip: When you’re looking at servings sizes, 1oz of loose leaf should make between 10 and 15 6oz cups of tea, depending on how strong you like your brew.

Best Tea Subscription Box that Caters to Your Tastes

Want to change up your tea routine? Sips by wants to send at least 15 cups worth of quali-teas straight to your door. After a quick quiz, you’ll receive four types of tea that match your flavor preferences along with steeping guidelines. Enjoy the perks of free shipping and the flexibility to skip or cancel online.

Best Tea Subscription Box for Bookworms

As a millennial, I’ll cop to trying out a few subscription boxes here or there. This is, hands down, my favorite box that I’ve ever subscribed to.

Muse Monthly is a subscription box that sends a novel and accompanying tea to your door each month. Muse Monthly’s literary picks are typically in the realm of contemporary adult fiction, with a focus on diverse authors and subject matter.

Best Tea Subscription Box For Mixologists

Tea isn’t just something to drink straight; there are all sorts of delicious cocktail and mocktail recipes out there to elevate your tea tasting experience. 

That’s why each of Teavana’s Tea of the Month Club boxes comes with a mixology recipe, three different teas, and tasting notes on everything included in the package.

Best Tea Subscription Box for People With Eclectic Tastes

Each Amoda Monthly Tea box comes with four premium teas sourced from independent tea companies across North America. What really makes Amoda stand out, however, is the sheer creativity of their blends. 

Think delicious and unique brews with names like “Coffee Lover’s Tea,” “Happy Pumpkin Tea,” “Berry Maple Waffles,” and “Chocolate Covered Strawberries.”

Best Tea Subscription Box That Comes with Goodies

Yes, yes, we all love tea, but sometimes the best part of a warm cuppa is the treats that we have with it. 

Each Tea Box Express comes packed with quality whole leaf tea and artisan treats. Past boxes have included yummy bites such as marshmallows, cookies, donut bites, and mints!

Best Crowdsourced Tea Subscription Box

Tea Sparrow has a somewhat unique approach to curating its monthly boxes.

The company invites Tea Sparrow members to its headquarters in Vancouver for bi-weekly tea parties. There, attendees taste and score teas to decide which ones should go out in the monthly box.  Each month, subscribers receive four teas chosen in this manner, a black tea, a green tea, a rooibos, and a herbal tea.

Best Tea Subscription Box for People Who Love to Stay In

To paraphrase Liz Lemon, we should all say “yes” more—yes to love, yes to life, yes to staying in more! And look no further than Cozy Crate for a subscription tea box that will help you to achieve that goal.

This monthly subscription box from Cozy Leaf Tea includes one new tea and three to five small batch, quality items—think cookies, stationery, candles, facemasks, and DIY-kits—that help subscribers have a relaxing and cozy night in.

Best Tea Subscription Box for VERY Discerning Tea Drinkers

Eco-Cha Tea Club specializes in delivering tea directly from artisan tea farmers in Taiwan directly into your teacup. All of Eco-Cha’s teas come from highly vetted, multi-generational tea farmers who really know their stuff.  If you are a fine tea connoisseur, this is the tea for you.

Best Tea Subscription Box for “Tea”-ginners

I just needed to make that pun. 

The Teance Introduction to Tea Subscription is perfect for tea novices who want to learn a little more about their morning brew. Each month, subscribers receive a tea that embodies the broad characteristics of its type—so the quintessential oolong or green tea to help you get acquainted.

Best Tea Subscription Box for the Busiest Tea Drinkers

Basically, if you’re super busy, but still want to enjoy all the benefits of a loose leaf tea, this is the subscription for you. 

TeaBook sends pre-portioned, single-serve packets of loose leaf tea that can be added to hot water right in their special, filtering Travel Tumbler—which comes free with your first box—without having to worry about tea bags or infusers. This is a major time-saver for loose leaf lovers!

Best Tea Subscription Box For Tea AND Art Enthusiasts

Handmade Tea has two really cool attributes.

First, the tea is hand-blended by the company’s founder to create very unique flavors, such as Aqua Fresca de Tamarindo, which is a blend of citrus and cinnamon chips, and Strawberry Sweet Corn. Second, the company partners with a new artist every month so each blend has unique and beautiful label.

Best Customizable Tea Subscription Box

Art of Tea’s Tea of the Month Club offers subscribers six options, including Caffeine Free, Classic, Single Origin, Explore Wellness, and Pyramid Tea Bags. 

This is the box that’s perfect for people who have specific tea requirements, but still want to try new things every month. Tea of the Month also comes with extensive information from Art of Tea’s experts on the brew you’ll be making each month.

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