The Best Snack Box for Chocoholics

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The Best Snack Box for Chocoholics

Founded by two chocoholics, Chococurb is serious about its sweets. Offering a chocolate discovery experience, the company delivers unique and high-quality chocolates from their nearly 50 partners on a monthly basis. 

These include treats from small, local chocolatiers and established brands like from all over the world. There are three Chococurb snack boxes to choose from: The Chococurb nano, which offers a bite-sized assortment of five premium and gourmet chocolates each month; the Chococurb mini, which is a personalized assortment of three gourmet, premium chocolate items; and the Chococurb classic, which is a personalized assortment of five to seven gourmet, premium chocolate items. 

Samples can include chocolate bars, chocolate sticks, drinking chocolate, peanut butter cups, and truffles, and many many others. Chococurb keeps an extensive shop of the items they send in their boxes, so whenever you discover a new favorite treat you can purchase a whole stash straight away.

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