The Best Kombucha Drinks in 2017

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The Best Kombucha Drinks in 2017

Known for its gut-healthy, probiotic qualities, kombucha is gaining in popularity among health nuts and tea enthusiasts alike. And though it seems trendy, kombucha has been around for about 2,000 years. Brewed by adding yeast and bacteria (the good kind!) to sweet black or green tea and allowing the combination to ferment, kombucha has a tart, vinegary flavor that is usually softened with the addition of fruit juices. 

Kombucha drinkers insist that the concoction has all sorts of health benefits, like improving digestion and boosting energy. These claims aren’t medically proven—yet—but in the meantime, no one can deny that kombucha is delicious. If you’re looking to get feet wet and figure out what kombucha to try first, give this list a read!


Perfect for people new to the world of kombucha is the Tealixir variety pack.

Brewed with Ceylon tea and available in three flavors—Dr. Marigold, which has fruity and floral undertones; Amrita Chai, which features the taste of chai spices; and China Rose, which is has hints of rose and ginger—sippers can find a new favorite while enjoying these all natural, probiotic, vegan, and non-GMO drinks.

Best Kombucha if You Love Variety

The awesome thing about tea is that different types have different health benefits. 

Kombucha, a type of slightly fermented tea, has antioxidants and natural detoxifiers. Straight Kombucha can be a little intimidating to some, so if you want to ease into this tea type, try Kombucha Wonderdrink, a sparkling drink with a light green tea and lemon flavor and all the health benefits.

Best Tea for People Obsessed with Probiotics

Sometimes, you need to be able to get your kombucha goodness on the go. 

MOCU Kombucha Probiotic Drink Mix has all the probiotic benefits of kombucha and can be added to a glass of water for kombucha any time, any place. And don’t limit yourself; this mix is also great for tossing into your morning smoothie.

Best Kombucha Powder

GT’s Enlightened Synergy Kombuchas are specially brewed to be a little lighter and smoother than your typical kombucha. 

They still offer all the nutritional value of the original. And it’s available in a number of delicious, fruity flavors, including Mystic Mango, Guava Goddess, Cosmic Cranberry, and the raspberry-lemon-ginger Trilogy.

Best Fruity Kombucha

While there are lots of great kombucha flavors out there, some people want to get back to the basics.

Pronatura Kombucha Tea uses a time-tested recipe and fermentation method to create active, living kombucha cultures and cultivate a high organic acid content. There are no added flavors, just water, black tea, kombucha cultures, and sugar.

Best Kombucha For Minimalists

Spiked with cinnamon and cayenne pepper, Humm Apple Sass Kombucha has more than a bit of a kick to punch up its sweet apple base flavors. 

The added spices are said to help stimulate circulation, improve digestion, and increase energy. So toss one in your bag for when you’re feeling sluggish and need a pick-me-up.

Best Spicy Kombucha

The only “hot” kombucha on this list, Yogi Green Tea Kombucha has notes of spearmint, lemongrass, plum, and passionfruit for a light and fruity flavor after only a couple minutes of steeping. It also offers sippers antioxidant properties to optimize its healthfulness. 

Perfect for drinking on a chilly day when you’re huddled on the couch watching Netflix!

Best Kombucha to Serve Hot

This kombucha is just ridiculously good. 

Sweet and refreshing with a subtle hint of lavender, Kevita Organic Master Brew Lavender Melon Kombucha is perfect for when you’re parched and want something with some bubbles. And all that sweetness doesn’t have a negative impact on your health—Kevita’s kombuchas are sweetened with Stevia and contain no added sugar.

The Author’s Favorite Kombucha

Not everyone enjoys the taste of kombucha. It’s definitely something different.

However, if someone whose palate just doesn’t agree with the brew really wants the health benefits that come with kombucha, there are options! Pronatura’s Kombucha Capsules contain dried kombucha extract to ensure you get your probiotics for the day.

Best for Kombucha Benefits—In Pill Form!

Now this is versatility!

Get Kombucha’s Kombucha Extract can be added to everything from a glass of water or your morning cup of tea to smoothies and salad dressings. It’s also sugar free, making it a great option for diabetics and other people who are watching their sugar intake. Just pop it in your pocket and go!

Best Way to Add Kombucha Benefits to Other Foods

Latta Kombucha’s Green Tea Lemon Balm perfect for late-night study sessions or brainstorming for that next big work project. 

It’s so much better for you than your typical sugar-and-caffeine-filled energy drinks—Latta Kombuchas are all-natural, organic, and gluten free.

Best Kombucha for When You Need to Concentrate