The 18 Best Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls in 2018

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By | Updated July 09, 2018
The 18 Best Gifts for 6-Year-Old Girls in 2018

We have the diverse interests of 6-year-old girls covered. Is she into horses? Science? Baby dolls or LEGO? Whimsical, capable, and captivated by imagination, the sky's the limit with 6 year-olds. 

They're a great group to buy for, because toys are so much fun at this age! Check out these super suggestions the next time you need to pick out a present for your favorite 6-year-old. 

Rainbow in My Room

You can make a real rainbow in your child's bedroom with this light projector that throws up an amazing rainbow on the wall using LED lights. Rather than rain and sun, this rainbow requires 4 AAA batteries, but it can also use an AC adapter. The auto shut-off feature makes it ideal for use as a night light, and the price makes it a great birthday gift.

Barbie DreamHorse

Barbie’s sassy steed can do all sorts of cool tricks thanks to modern technology.

If your girl is into horses, the DreamHorse is perfect gift. This interactive horse can walk, nuzzle, turn, neigh, “eat,” and respond to touch and sound, among other things!

The DreamHorse has over 30 different reactions, and the included Barbie doll can go for a gallop — just clip her into the saddle and ride off into the sunset.

L.O.L Bigger Surprise!

This year's hot L.O.L. Surprise! Release is the Bigger Surprise. It's a sparkly suitcase filled with two limited edition L.O.L. dolls, a pet, a Lil Sister, accessories, and more. This year, it's all about WIGS. The two regular-size dolls boast short, molded hair to accommodate all the wigs that come in the Bigger Surprise.

Over 60 surprises are included, and as any L.O.L. fan knows, unwrapping is half the fun. Scoop up the Bigger Surprise for a holiday win. Best for ages 6 and up. Can't get enough L.O.L.? Check out the new Surprise House. Watch our exclusive unboxing video to get a better look at the goods -- which dolls did we unwrap?


POD’ular Troll Tree

POD’ular Troll Tree

This super fun Trolls play set is comprised of the colorful pods that the colorful DreamWorks creatures call home. The 4 hanging pods can be rearranged in the tree, and Princess Poppy and her pals can slide and zip line (by their hair, naturally) from place to place. 

This set connects with other Trolls play sets, and includes a Poppy figurine and accessories (mushrooms, bug clip, tiara). Add more figurines (sold separately) for even more fun. For ages 4 and up. Parents take note: some assembly is required.

Can Steppers

Little kids can't resist these fun can steppers.  (Fun fact: In the 70s these were called Romper Stompers.) Braided plastic handles ensure kids have a good when they're stomping around five inches taller, no less. Not only are these cans fun, they promote balance, exercise, and gross motor skills and encourage cooped up children to head outside. 


Wellie Wishers Building Set

Wellie Wishers Building Set

Popular American Girl dolls the Wellie Wishers are now in building block form! 

The 177-piece Garden Theater set contains an Emerson figurine, and everything you need to construct her showcase and outfit her from her costume trunk. The set also includes backdrops, curtains, tree stump chairs, and more. A great gift to encourage storytelling! Best for ages 5+


Volcano Model

Volcano Model

It’s the classic volcano model experiment — upgraded! 

The Learning Resources kit shows a cross-section of a volcano for even more scientific information. In addition to the detailed volcano model, the kit includes a “lava” recipe, removable tube, 13” plastic tray, and activity guide. Best for ages 6+


Lite Brite

Lite Brite

The Lite Brite toy is a classic, and it’s been reimagined in a sleek new way. 

The 156 colorful plastic pegs glow when plugged into the screen; use the templates to create designs or go rogue and create your own images. A storage case helps keep everything together. The modern Lite Brite has 4 different modes of light, including pulsing and blinking. Ages 4+


Orbeez Foot Spa

Orbeez Foot Spa

These squishy little Orbeez balls fill the foot bed, creating at-home spa time for little ones! 

The water balls grow up to 100 times their size when water is added. Use warm water for a soothing sensory experience. 3 AA batteries required. Best for ages 5 and up.

Pomsies, Fluffy Kitties That Reveal Their Mood

The latest interactive "pets" are Skyrocket's furry cat balls! Portable Pomsies have an adjustable tail so they can hang out anywhere — they can be wrapped around wrists or hung off backpacks, for instance.

When you touch Pomsies they react; there are up to 50 different sound responses to petting, cuddling, and tickling motions. The first litter of Pomsies come in various pastel colors and have adorable names (Blossom, Boots, Sherbert, Speckles, Snowball, Patches, and Pinky).

When you press a Pomsies' nose it comes to life thanks to the tester battery that's included (but you'll want to swap this out for a fresh AAA battery so it will work interactively).


Endor Leia Set

Endor Leia Set

Little Star Wars fans can create mythical Endor forest romps with this play set featuring Princess Leia and Wicket, the adorable Ewok. 

Also included are an additional outfit for Leia, accessories, and weapons like a bow and arrow. The 11” Leia doll has rooted hair to style and articulated joints for action-packed play. For the girl who likes adventures and accessorizing! 


Unicorn Game

Unicorn Game
Fotografin: Katharina Rau

This board game centers on a baby unicorn’s birthday party — adorable! 

Unicorns are planning a party in Cloudland for little Rosalie. The object of the game is to find gather ten cloud crystals and to get all of the friends on the clouds before the guest of honor arrives at her soiree. 


Coco Collectables

Coco Collectables

Disney Pixar’s hit movie Coco has a slew of new merchandise — we love this 5-pack of the film’s featured characters. 

There’s a 2” Miguel, Dante, Pepita, Hector, and Imelda in the set, ready to recreate adventures in the Land of the Dead.


Baby Alive Sweet Tears

Baby Alive Sweet Tears

Baby dolls are getting so advanced! Case in point: the new Baby Alive. The Sweet Tears doll can show emotion, “drink,” say phrases in English and Spanish, and her nose even lights up red when she’s “not feeling well.” Plus as her name implies, she cries actual tears. 

Little ones can make her feel all better with a stethoscope, thermometer, bandage, juice box, and more. The doll needs 3 AA batteries (demo batteries included). Baby Alive Sweet Tears makes a great gift for the girl who loves to play doctor. Ages 3+


Green Toys Cake Maker

Green Toys Cake Maker

Popular eco-friendly brand Green Toys now makes dough activity toys, like this cake maker set. 

The 20-piece set includes cutters, stamps, an extruder, utensils, a cake stand, and more. 3 tubs of organic dough are also included. To sweeten the deal: everything is made in the U.S.A. with recycled materials.


Swimming Pinkie Pie

Swimming Pinkie Pie

This swimming seapony is Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony The Movie. She swims on her own when placed in water — kids will love her sparkly mermaid-like tail. 

Pinkie Pie also has rooted, brushable hair (a brush is included). What a fun bath toy. 2 AAA batteries are included so she’s ready to dive in!  Place a finger over each sensor on Pinkie Pie to activate her swimming action.


Doll Dentist

Doll Dentist

This Barbie is a great role model! She can use her tiny dental tools to check out a tiny patient (included in the set), in the exam chair. 

Plenty of other accessories are included to make sure her dolls have healthy smiles.. There’s a sink station, “x-ray,” tooth model, and doctor’s coat, among other items. Best for ages 3 and up.

Best 6 Year Old Girl Gift for the Explorer

If you need a present for that girl who can't stop singing about how no one knows how far she'll go, this Moana Lego set is the perfect fit. 

This set has everything from Moana's boat, to Tefiti Island, to a catapult for the Kakamora (those are the angry little coconuts. You're welcome.) There's also a Moana, a Maui, and everyone's favorite idiot rooster, HeiHei. Kids can play through the story, and can even transform Tefiti from the bad island to the good island.

Spirit Riding Free Playmobil

The DreamWorks/Netflix original series "Spirit Riding Free" following the titular animated mustang and his girl, Lucky, is a big hit. On the show, Lucky and her stallion roam the Wild West with best pals Pru and Abigail. 

The "Spirit Riding Free" Playmobil series includes horse sets featuring the main characters: Lucky and Spirit, Abigail and Boomerang, and Pru and Chica Linda. Some assembly is required (see our unboxing video for detail!) and all of the horse boxes can be combined. This playset is best for children ages 4 and up due to the tiny pieces.


Best Gift For 6 Year Old Experimenters

Best Gift For 6 Year Old Experimenters

You know that girl who always wants to “see what would happen if...”? 

When her birthday comes around, she’s going to need Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit. Designed for ages 6 and up with adult supervision, this kit is perfect for the beginner scientist. The kit contains 11 activities, which include making a volcano that erupts in different colors to growing jiggly crystals. It’s a great, fun way to encourage scientific curiosity in young girls.


Best Toy for Fairy-Lovers

Best Toy for Fairy-Lovers

There will always be a place in kids’ heart for fairies -- they’re small people that have magic powers and can fly, after all. Fairy-lovers will be enchanted by Freya’s Magical Cottage from My Fairy Garden. 

This adorable playset is also an indoor garden, so while she plays with Freya the Fairy and her chipmunk friend, Hazel (because why not), she can also use the included soil, quick-germinating seeds, and flower pots to grow flowers around the top and base of the play cottage. The set includes gardening tools for kids to use and tables and chairs for Freya and her chipmunk.

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