The Best Cat Litter Boxes for Your Discerning Kitty

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The Best Cat Litter Boxes for Your Discerning Kitty

In addition to being cute, cuddly, and hilarious, as far as pets go, cats are also pretty easy to take care of. But, if we had to name one pain point that comes with cat ownership, it would be dealing with litter boxes. The perfect litter box is elusive. Most important, it has to keep litter in the box and off the floor. It also has to look halfway decent and keep smells to a minimum. And these factors don’t even take into consideration Kitty’s preferences, which we know can be quite discerning.

So knowing where to start is half the battle. We’ve assembled a list of the top litter boxes that meet different needs for both humans and felines. We’re certain one of these will strike your fancy!

Best Covered Box

This box has a lot going for it. First, it’s nice and roomy, so your kitty has space to do her business without feeling cramped. It’s also covered for privacy and has high walls that prevent litter from getting kicked all over the floor. 

However, its best quality is its design, which allows you to put this box in an out-of-the-way corner. Perfect for people who want a big, but inconspicuous litter box.

Best Box for Keeping Litter Off the Floor

Even the most high-walled litter boxes can’t keep all the litter where it’s supposed to be. The design of this box, however, is different. 

Rather than a door on the side, cats enter this box through an opening on the top. This means that when they dig around, the litter isn’t going to accidentally get kicked out. The top of the box also acts like a walk-off mat so any litter stuck to Mitten’s paws is brushed off before she jumps to the floor. An added bonus? The shape of this box also helps trap stinky cat odors.

Best Box for Shy Cats and Controlling Odors

This litter box is perfect for cats that are really into privacy. Because it’s completely enclosed, the box retains litter and odors better than its open-air brethren. 

This particular box has a removable hood for easy cleaning and is made from BPA-free plastic. It also comes with a bag anchor, so pet owners can keep removable liners in place and not worry about them scrunching up in the bottom of the pan. This box is also very loved by reviewers. It has more than 4,800 reviews on Amazon, 75 percent of which are tied to a 5-star rating.

Best Box for Cats That Hate Small Spaces

While some kitties value their privacy, others cannot stand to be in an enclosed space.

If your cat is one of the latter, you really need a litter box with high sides to prevent Fluffy from tracking litter all over your living room. This one is a great option because not only are the sides super-high, they’re rimmed to provide a little extra protection against escaping litter. The rim is also detachable, which is great for holding liners in place.

Best Box for Cats with Mobility Issues

This pan has a high back and sides, but the low entrance makes it easy for cats to access the box, even if they’re older or have mobility issues. 

Reviewers note that because the box has a clear entrance, cats are much more likely to use that one side to enter and exit, which helps keep any litter mess in one spot. They also mention that the box is almost impossible to tip over, which is a major plus!

Best Box for Owners Who Want A Break From Daily Scooping

Most cat owners know that the best way to keep litter boxes smelling fresh—well, as fresh as a litter box could smell—is to clean it out every day. 

However, daily scooping can wear on a person. That’s where automatic boxes come in! The Litter-Robot III automatically separates waste from clean litter and deposits that waste into a separate drawer for removal. This approach keeps smells at bay for several days or even weeks at time, depending on how frequently Fluffy has to go.

Best Scoop Overall

If you’re looking for a durable scoop that picks up a lot with each swipe, we recommend the DuraScoop Jumbo Cat Litter Scoop. It’s made from solid aluminum, is light in the hand, and is ergonomically balanced with a center of gravity that leans toward the user’s wrist. 

Basically, it’s very easy to maneuver while using it for a very unpleasant task. This thing is meant to last forever and is multi-cat tested for 15 years and counting. The only downside reviewers mention is that it’s a bit wide, which means you might have issues if your litter box has a small opening.

Best Scoop for People Who Can’t—Or Don’t Want To—Crouch

This scoop is ergonomically designed so that users can scoop litter while standing, rather than crouching next to the box like a gargoyle. 

Beyond keeping your hands further away from the litter with its long handle, this scooper’s serrated edge is great for getting under stuck messes. We really like the sharp corners on this one, which help get into all of the nooks and seams of your litter box.

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