8 Tea Flavors for Every Taste Bud

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8 Tea Flavors for Every Taste Bud

Tea time is any time, especially when you are looking to treat your taste buds. But finding the perfect tea flavor takes some searching.

With this guide, the search for great tea flavors has been done for you! Milky, zesty, chocolatey, minty, floral, this list has it all. Ranging from all over the world, each tea has a unique personality to accompany its flavor. Make each cup of tea a treat for your taste buds with these strong yet soothing blends that are sure to satisfy. 


Chai is a delightful, spicy twist on a regular cup of tea. 

Warm and cozy with a little kick from organic ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves, this chai is perfect for keeping warm on windy days that require warm scarves, mittens, and hats. Add a splash of milk if you want to bring down this chai’s heat level.

Best Tea for People Who Love Spice

Silver Needle Teas specializes in teas picked from gardens on high plateaus in China. 

The tea house’s Golden Beautiful Eyebrow tea is no different—it grows on Wuyi Mountain, 7000 feet above sea level. The tea is smoke dried over pinewood fires, which gives it an underlying smoky flavor.

Best (Fancy) Tea for Bacon Enthusiasts

Sometimes, when you’re overwhelmed, you’ve just got to slow down and sip a cup of tea. 

If that’s the case, brew something a little built-in sweetness, like Tealyras Coconut Milk Oolong, which is blended with dried coconut flakes. Best thing about this tea: It can be brewed up to seven times, perfect for when one cup isn’t enough!

Best Tea for When You’re Going (Coco)Nuts

Harney & Sons Earl Grey Imperial tea part of the master tea blender’s line of historical English blends—created for the Historic Royal Palaces of England. 

That means it’s perfect for traditional afternoon tea parties, complete with scones and finger sandwiches. Or, you know, when you want a piping hot cuppa to go with your breakfast pastry.

Best Tea to Go With Finger Sandwiches

Gunpowder tea is comprised of tea leaves that are hand-rolled into a pellet shape, giving the tea its distinctive name. 

When added to hot water, these pellets unfurl and unleash the natural oils and flavors that were preserved by the rolling. Tea Forté China Gunpowder Tea is slightly sweet, but still vegetal in flavor—and it looks really cool.

Best Tea for Slightly Sweet Flavor Lovers

If you're not ready to take the plunge into traditional kombucha, which typically includes live bacteria cultures and alcohol from the fermentation process, we recommend giving Kombucha Wonder Drink a try. This delightful drink offers the health benefits of kombucha without unwanted bacteria and with only a trace of alcohol from the fermentation process.

Depending on the flavor, it can be  made from black, green, and oolong teas, but we're partial to Green Tea & Lemon flavor.

Best Introductory Kombucha

You know who you are. 

You have all types of chocolate bars stashed in your desk drawers and when a friend asks for a bite of your chocolate cake, your first instinct is to stab her with your fork. Luckily, you don’t have to share Teapigs Chocolate Flake tea if you don’t want to. Dip cookies in this decadent brew for an extra treat!

Best Tea for Chocoholics

A lot of black and green teas have a very robust taste, but what about hot drink aficionados who want something a little less in their face? 

Song Tea’s Arbor Yinzhen is high-grade white tea handpicked from a grove of semi-wild trees and has notes of tarragon, rice candy, and rose. The clear, bright taste of this tea really shines when brewed at a lower temperature.

Best Tea for People Who Love Subtlety

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