Talking Tables Prosecco Pong Party Game Review

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Talking Tables Prosecco Pong Party Game Review
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A little classier than your standard frat house beer pong, this prosecco-based party game from Talking Tables is a perfect addition to bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and New Year's celebrations. Or… anytime, really! Prosecco Pong is a classic party game with a little extra sass — check out those "millennial pink" ping pong balls!

The cute factor on this game is off the charts and it would make a great hostess gift. The sweet retro packaging is ready for gifting. Once you've handed it over, bust out the bubbly and get pouring to start the game. Just add prosecco (not included) to the 12 plastic glasses and split your friends into teams (or play one-on-one).

Arrange the glasses on your chosen game table, then take aim and take turns tossing the 3 pink ping pong balls into your opponents' beverage receptacles. If you land your ball in their glass, the opposing team has to take a drink.

Unsanitary? Maybe, but it's so fun you won't care. (Also you might be tipsy.) And don't let the name of the game fence you in; you can pour rose, champagne, or any other beverage of your choosing. Even — you guessed it — beer.

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