Best Budget Temperature Control Electric Kettle

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Best Budget Temperature Control Electric Kettle

Perfect for people who want control, but are also on a budget, the T-fal Balanced Living 1 L Kettle is a super-efficient, quick boiling, temperature-controlled machine. The kettle can heat a cup of water to boiling in just 90 seconds, and its variable temperature control allows complete control as you choose between all the different teas in your tea box.

It’s very powerful—the concealed heating element offers 1,750 watts of power. It also has a locking lid to prevent spills and an automatic shut off feature for safety. A removable anti-scale filter removes impurities from water as you pour so you don’t taint your tea. A water level viewing window helps you to make sure your kettle isn’t too full or too low.

This kettle is also super light-weight, making it great for travel. Its cordless design makes pouring a breeze, and it swivels 360 degrees on its base so it never matters how you put it down.

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