Swadl Weighted Blanket Review

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Swadl Weighted Blanket Review

There's no doubt—weighted blankets have been blowing up. Touted as a sleep aid that battles anxiety and restlessness, more and more people are snuggling into bed under 10, 15, or even 25 pounds.

Though, for some of those looking to take these heavy blankets out for a spin, selecting the right one can be a challenge. The industry suggests shooting for about 10 percent of your body weight, but that isn't the ideal weight for everyone out there. Enter swadl, a blanket designed to solve this issue with a modular design that lets you add or remove weight to find your ideal sleeping situation.

Each "pod," that is, modular piece, in a swadl blanket contains large weighted beads in small pockets, keeping the weight evenly distributed. The pods can then be fastened together for a more cohesive sleep experience.

Also, unlike competing weighted blankets, swadl pods do not contain extra filler, so they don't retain as much heat on warmer nights. The outer layer of swadl blankets is made from 100 percent high-density cotton that's extremely soft and cozy.

Since swadl's heaviest pod is only 15 pounds, the company says you can wash them in you home washing machine, which may not be possible for heavier weighted blankets.

The Guide's reviewers loved this blanket, saying it helped them sleep longer and deeper, and fall asleep faster.

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