Staresso sp-200 Manual Espresso Machine Review

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Staresso sp-200 Manual Espresso Machine Review

Mom wants a foamy cappuccino, Dad wants a latte. You want a cold brew, and your partner would love a French press coffee.

This versatile product is the manual espresso machine for the buyer who wants to make a variety of espresso drinks to please the picky people in your life.

This is one of the better small machines for making a quick cup of cold brew, and the taste is surprisingly smooth.

As for frothing milk for drinks, you can make a frothy or foamy topper for your drink, but you won't be able to steam milk. If you're go-to drink is an iced brew, espresso shots, or a simple cappuccino, this machine will do the trick.

Upgrades from the previous model include removable glasses which you can use for your shots or frothed milk.

Though the process of making your drink merely takes minutes, there is a bit of cleanup at the end.

All in all, the Staresso sp-200 has made major improvements since the sp-100 model. This is the perfect purchase if you want to make a variety of drinks and still have a small, portable machine.

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