34 Gifts for Star Wars Fans

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34 Gifts for Star Wars Fans

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting shorter and colder. The smells of warm winter fires and fresh-baked cookies waft through the air. You see people driving through town with trees strapped to the roofs of their cars.

Yes, it’s almost time for the release of the annual Star Wars movie. If any of you—or any of the people on your shopping list—are as excited about The Last Jedi as we are, this Guide is going to be a treat! 


This LEGO Millennium Falcon set has more than 1,300 (!!!) pieces and comes with six minifigures, including Rey, Finn, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and of course, BB-8.

Once completed, this thing is pretty darn big, measuring in at 5 inches tall, 18 inches long, and 12 inches wide. Perfect for little Jedi and aspiring engineers alike!

A Spaceship That Will Take Longer Than 12 Parsecs To Build

Serve up some destruction, or cookies, with this delightful Death Star platter. 

It’s 14 inches in diameter, making it possible to handle hefty helpings of both!

The Best Dish in Any Cupboard

We are getting closer and close to being able to have ACTUAL LIGHTSABER BATTLES. 

This game lets people train by engaging in virtual Jedi duels and comes with the headset, lightsaber controller, and a tracking beacon.

Hardcore Lightsaber Training

Captain Phasma was a really cool villain who got very little screentime in The Force Awakens. 

But good news! She’s back in The Last Jedi. And if you want to brush up on your Phasma knowledge before heading to the theaters in December, this is the way to do it. Hailed as a gripping backstory for the shiniest villain in Star Wars history, Phasma should be a solid holiday read.

An Underserved Villain's Backstory

Phones are like little electronic babies that need to be coddled and protected. 

Who better to do that protecting than a Storm Trooper?

Pocket Computer Protection

Gone are the days of creating a makeshift white dress for that doll that looks a teensy bit like Princess Leia. 

This Forces of Destiny Rey doll comes decked out with all of the bells and whistles, including a lightsaber, blaster, and even her buddy, BB-8.

A Doll for Your Little Jedi

There’s a reason John Williams, the man behind Star Wars’ iconic music, has been nominated for 50 Academy Awards. 

This score lets you relive all the best moments of the original and prequel trilogies in the amazing, rich sound quality that only vinyl can provide.

A Box Set for Music Purists

What’s better than watching epic lightsaber battles? Participating in them.

A Weapon for Jedi

We love the pattern on this warm woolen blanket. It’s got Rey, the Millennium Falcon, BB-8 and so much more. 

Great for tossing over the back of a couch or at the bottom of bed, especially during this chilly time of year.

A Snuggly Star Wars Blanket

Like the app-enabled R2-D2 mentioned earlier in this list, the BB-9E Sphero is controlled via smartphone app and will even hang out and watch Star Wars with you. H

owever, unlike R2-D2, this little guy rolls everywhere. It’s really cool to watch. 

A Droid That’s On A Roll

Have an artsy friend on your Christmas list?

Help him hone his skills with this book that teaches them how to draw Chewie, Yoda, Lord Vader and more! 

A Book that Encourages Artistic Aspirations

Mark our words, these Porg creatures are going to be HUGE. 

They look like adorable little space penguins and we love them. We’re guessing anyone on your list who wants to snuggle an alien creature will like them exactly as much as we do.

A Snuggly New Addition To The Star Wars Universe

As anyone has played Bop It can attest, this game can simultaneously be the most fun and frustrating games you’ve ever played. 

There is a way to take the sting out of defeat, though. Swap the classic Bop It for one shaped like R2-D2. His little robot… face… we guess… makes it all better!

A Bop It Shaped Like R2-D2

To hell with those normal, boring lights. 

Instead, show your allegiance to the Empire with this string of Stormtrooper lights! There will be no mistaking your tree for one of those old-fashioned, traditional Christmas decorations.

A Way To Take Your Christmas Tree To The Next Level

Combine this ornament with those Storm Trooper lights for the most Star Wars-y Christmas tree that ever there was!

An Out-of-this-world Adornment For Your Tree

You know, regular liquor bottles are just plain boring. 

If you want to add a little extra something to your in-home bar, look no further than this Stormtrooper decanter. Not only is it is a fantastic talking piece for your next party, it also holds 750 ml of your favorite spirit!

A Perfect Decanter For Those Serving The Emperor

At 44 by 66 inches, this Death Star tent is big enough to be the setting for all kinds of wild space adventures in the middle of your living room.

It can even zip closed so you can have privacy while concocting dastardly plans.

That’s no moon! It’s a tent!

Featuring the classic imagery of the original Star Wars poster, this MacBook Air sleeve can be customized with a wide array of colors and stitching. 

Perfect for that friend who has to lug their computer everywhere and wants to forever be starting Star Wars-related conversations.

Superlative Star Wars Protection

Perfect for not-so-formal occasions, this tie adds a bit of nerdy charm to any outfit. 

A Tie for Someone’s First Day In the Rebel Alliance

This LEGO masterpiece has more than 4,000 pieces! 

Galactic engineering enthusiasts can build the superlaser control room, detention block, and trash compactor and populate their LEGO super weapon with 23 minifigures, including Han, Chewie, Leia, Luke, and, of course, Lord Vader himself!

A LEGO Galactic Super Weapon

Perfect for keeping your bathroom floors dry, this rug will also go really well with that Storm Pooper decal.

Wipe Your Feet On Your Favorite Planet Destroying Superweapon

These cool enamel earrings perch BB-8 right on your ears where he can help you on missions and even give you that fantastic, fiery thumbs up when you do something awesome!

Jewelry For People Who Know Life Is Better With Droids
Ryan Stein

This set of three spatulas, one big one medium one and two smaller ones feature the visages of Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2. 

Perfect for holiday baking or just infusing a kitchen with little more Star Wars. That’s always a good thing.

Tools to Help Bake for the Whole Resistance

Ok, we are super-excited that The Last Jedi is going to have a lot more Luke Skywalker—the three seconds of screen time he got in The Force Awakens just wasn’t enough. 

This collectable POP! spotlights Luke’s sweet new beard and puts him on a collectable pedestal, where he belongs!

Just a Jedi, All On His Lonesome

Lord Vader and Stormtroopers adorn these delightful thermal pajamas. 

The best part—they’re cut to fit both boys and girls, so the entire family can dress up together!

Cozy PJs That Show Your Affinity For The Dark Side

While Emperor Palpatine might be a little peeved that his meticulously designed, planet destroying superweapon is now being co-opted as a means to charge your phone or tablet, we just love how cool this thing looks. 

Much better than a plain outlet.

A Death Star That Charges Your Phone

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

A time when you can adorn your lawn with a light-up R2-D2 wearing a Santa hat and all people will be able to say about you is, “Oh! They’re so festive!”

A Lawn Ornament That Ensures You Win The Neighborhood Christmas Light Competition

Good. Use your aggressive feelings. Let the coffee flow through you... 

A Mug That Shows Your Allegiance To The Galactic Empire

We know, those 1,000+ piece LEGO sets aren’t for everyone. 

That’s why we included this AT-ACT Builder kit, which only has 45 pieces. It even has a lighted cockpit and makes battle action sounds. Meant for ages 8 and up, builders don’t need any special tools, paint, or glue.

A Slightly Less Intense Building Kit

This orange, white, and gray time piece subtly pays homage to fan-favorite droid BB-8. 

And, it holds a surprise! Hidden on the back of the watch is a big of BB-8, along with the cheeky phrase, “That’s How I Roll.”

A Spiffy Star Wars Watch

This set of 20 Storm Trooper Pins hit all of the major uniform designs from the Star Wars universe. 

Use them to show allegiance to the Empire (or First Order) or just add them to any outfit to look that much cooler. 

Pins That Turn Any Outfit into a Fashion Statement

There is nothing like the comforting warm embrace of an adult onesie. And this one has the added benefit of proudly showing off your rebel status. 

Made from a cozy white fabric with metallic appliques, you’ll be looking sharp even if it’s super snowy outside. Also, it has POCKETS.

A Comfy Way To Dress Like Your Favorite Badass Rebel Princess

Time to ditch the Blu Ray player, the future of movie-watching is streaming. 

The only thing that would make watching these movies easier would be to gift them to the biggest Star Wars fan on your list. 

The Means to Stream the Entire Star Wars Saga

Be sure to give your friends a way to drop you a line after visiting Cloud City and Tatooine. 

These beautiful postcards featuring art from Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie are great for sending or display.

Postcards from All Over the Galaxy

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