SNP Animals Character Printed Face Mask Review

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SNP Animals Character Printed Face Mask Review

When you wear a sheet mask, you accept that you’re going to be looking a little silly as your skin absorbs all of the good stuff imbued in the mask. Why not embrace it and really go for absurdity as your pamper yourself?

SNP Cosmetics’ animal face masks allow you to don the visage of a tiger, a panda, a dragon, or an otter, depending on your mood and your skins needs-the masks prevent wrinkles, brighten, soothe, and hydrate, respectively.
All of the masks are made from a natural pulp fabric and FDA-certified safe color. The masks allow the essence, which contains coconut water, to stay on your skin longer for added benefits.

So have some fun while you’re self-pampering and channel your spirit animal!