The Best Retro Kettle

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The Best Retro Kettle

Now this is the kettle you break out after a long night of dancing at the sock hop and sharing milkshakes with your sweetie! The retro aesthetics of the Smeg Retro Electric Kettle are highlighted by its chrome and stainless steel accents.

This kettle not only looks great, it also comes with all the bells and whistles. You can set it to one of seven temperature levels—between 106 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit—and it automatically shuts off once water reaches the selected temperature. An easy-to-read LED display lets you know how hot your water is and a keep warm function means you can take your time and still come back to water heated to the perfect temperature.

The kettle has a stainless steel lime scale filter to sift out impurities in your water before they make it into your tea. Its soft opening lid prevents spills.

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