Slice Manual Pen Cutter Review

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Slice Manual Pen Cutter Review

Ok, we're not going to give you some long-winded diatribe about how hard it is to open all those boxes we get in the mail. It's not that hard. However, how do you feel about making a pretty easy process even easier?

The Slice Pen Cutter is small and compact, the right size to toss in a handbag or in the pencil cup on your desk. However, it is quite useful when opening boxes.

The blade is retractable and made of ceramic, which stays sharp 10 times longer than metal blades. The ceramic blade is also finger-friendly, preventing injuries when wrestling with particularly difficult boxes.

Some users have noted that a ceramic blade is more fragile than metal, so we put this guy to the test. We dropped it 10 times from a height of four feet and noted no damage. It holds up pretty well.

The blade is designed to slice at a very shallow depth (just half an inch!), making this opener a great option for people afraid of accidentally cutting up their new items before even getting them out of the box.

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