Sleep Restoration 1800 Series Pillow Review

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Sleep Restoration 1800 Series Pillow Review

The most important factor to consider when furnishing your guestroom is how you can ensure guests get a good night's sleep. These gel-fiber filled pillows are tailored for maximum comfort and are great for all sleeping positions—so if your sister is a stomach sleeper and your college roommate likes to snooze on his back, this pillow fits the bill for both.

We also like that's it's dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant, as well as allergen and chemical free—all excellent qualities for something that guests will be sleeping on. The pillow cases are fade and stain resistant and the pillow itself is machine washable, so even if you need to toss them in the washer every week, they'll still look like new for each guest who comes to stay.

The pillow is also constructed with a gusseted cover. This makes it more durable and creates more space for a fuller resting space.

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