The Best Fitness Tracker to Replace Your Regular Watch

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The Best Fitness Tracker to Replace Your Regular Watch

If you’re going to wear a watch in the 21st century, you might as well wear one that keeps tabs on your health and activity in addition to telling you the time, right? This watch has all the fitness tracker basics covered, and is a great choice if you’re not a serious athlete.

This stylish fitness tracker is a suitable replacement for your regular less intelligent wristwatch. It satisfies all of the sleek design requirements of a watch you’d wear with everything and drives home its value with the Android and iPhone-compatible SKAGEN LINK technology.

Don’t let the inconspicuous design deceive you though, the Hagen Connected Leather Smartwatch connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to control your favorite music app and even take a photo on your phone, rendering your selfie stick totally unnecessary.

You can also elect to receive filtered email and text notifications from your phone. Because this watch isn’t providing you with constant life-coaching, the battery life is great—like four to six months great.  Skagen also makes different wristbands better suited to more aquatic lifestyles.

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