Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Ceré Matcha Tea Maker Review

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Sharp TE-T56U-GR Tea-Ceré Matcha Tea Maker Review

Skip the sifting and whisking when you’re preparing your morning cup of matcha with Sharp’s Tea-Ceré Matcha Tea Maker. Created with the help of Japanese tea experts, this appliance makes authentic cups of authentic Japanese matcha with just the press of a button.

The Tea-Ceré doesn’t even need matcha powder; the machine has a grinder so you can make your own. The grinder is separate from the brewing mechanism, so you can grind enough leaves for several days all in one go and store whatever you don’t use. Intrepid chefs can use the matcha powder for use in all types of recipes, from morning smoothies to delicious baked treats.

When you’re ready to brew a cup, simply spoon the appropriate amount of powder into the brewer. The Tea-Ceré makes both hot and cold drinks and whisks the mixture for you. It can make up to four cups of matcha at a time, perfect for those traditional Japanese tea parties everyone seems to be throwing these days!

Not sure what type of leaves to grind in the Tea-Ceré? Most matcha is made from a type of green tea called “Tencha.” Tencha is pretty rare and therefore somewhat expensive. It’s available from Harney & Sons for $40/2oz here. If you’re not willing to shell out for Tencha, Sencha is a good, budget-friendly option. There are many Senchas out there, but Sencha Kyoto Full-Leaf is the author’s favorite. It’s available from Republic of Tea for $19.50 for 4.2 oz.

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