Sensory Goods Organic Weighted Blanket Review

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Sensory Goods Organic Weighted Blanket Review

We get it—not everyone is going to be into blankets made from synthetic fabrics and filled with plastic beads. That's why we're including Sensory Goods on this list. Made from 100 percent organic flannel/fleece fabric and filled with glass beads roughly the size of a grain of sand, these blankets are perfect for people concerned that there is already too much plastic in their lives. The organic fabric is also less likely to irritate skin than synthetic alternatives.

Sensory Goods blankets come in a wide variety of weights—from 10 lbs to 19 lbs—and colors, ensuring that people can find a blanket that suits all of their requirements. It also is very subtle, so people won't realize it's a therapy blanket if you're feeling self-conscious.

This blanket is said to help people struggling with sensory and sleeping issues such as autism, Asperger syndrome, SPD, post-traumatic stress disorder, narcolepsy, anxiety, night terrors, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, jet lag, and sensory processing disorder. If you read through reviews, everyone from students stressed about finals to people with fibromyalgia are using this blanket to get a better night's sleep.

We should note that these blankets are made to order, so they might take a little longer to arrive than some of the others on this list.

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