Roxy Classic Dog Purse by Petote

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Roxy Classic Dog Purse by Petote

Some dogs are great co-pilots. They're fully engaged and always keep a weather eye on the horizon. The Roxy Classic Pet Carrier is not for those dogs. 

It is equipped for comfort, including a head pillow and removable, washable faux fur bedding. Luckily, you'll look fabulous as you lug that comfy little freeloader around with you!

Two sizes available. 

The small Roxy Bag Measures: 16"L X 6.75" W X 9"H and is for an 6-8 lb dog. 

The large Roxy Bag Measures 17"L X 8.75" W X 11.5" H and is for a 10-12 lb dog.

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