ROK Espresso Maker Review

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ROK Espresso Maker Review

The ROK espresso maker is not messing around.

This manual espresso machine is for someone looking to seriously invest in their brewing game. Clear some kitchen counter space for this futuristic metal frame and get ready to ROK.

The machine has two levers on the side which you press down to produce your shots. There's no breaking a sweat while working a pump. The Presso ROK makes it easy.

Did we mention there's a milk frother? Lattes, cappuccinos... whether you're looking for foam, something wet or super dry, you can create your ideal drink.

The ROK espresso maker means you can still make all of your favorite drinks without having to hit the drive-thru or stand in line. There's a reason why this manual espresso maker has earned a bit of a cult following.

This big metal frame is built to last, and the product comes with a 10-year warranty.

Be your best barista with this brewing beauty.

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