Robot Coupe R2N Combination Food Processor Review

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Robot Coupe R2N Combination Food Processor Review

If you’re an actual chef or you want to impress your chef friends, this food processor is a great buy.

Give your home kitchen the legitimacy of the kitchen at a gourmet restaurant. The blade on this commercial-grade food processor spins at a ridiculous 1725 rotations per minute. With that kind of power, you can turn pretty much anything into soup, if you really want to. The external ejection tool saves you the hassle of disassembling your food processor and dumping the work bowl upside down to retrieve your freshly-diced vegetables. Just pop a bowl down beside the Robot Coupe R2N, and watch as perfectly-diced pico de gallo appears ready for tortilla chips to dive right in.

It’s more than twice as pricey as the next food processor on our list, but if you’re really looking to spoil yourself, this food processor is definitely as awesome as advertised. Go down the commercial kitchen tool rabbit hole, if you dare.

Iron Chefs, this is the food processor for you.

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