The Best Products From Our Instagram Page

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The Best Products From Our Instagram Page

The Guide recommends only the best products that are sure to fit your needs. From silicone lids, pet carriers, we review it all!

Our Instagram page (@theguidereviews) is full of pictures and videos from the products we recommend. 

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14 CBD Skin Care Products to Uplift Your Beauty Routine

CBD oil is the latest belle of the wellness ball, but it's not just for Zzzs, pain, or anxiety. It's also a valuable ingredient in a new wave of beauty and skin care products.

From the most relaxing baths of your life to refreshing aftershave, here are some CBD skin care products for everyone!

The Best Inflatable Pools for Summer Swimming Fun!

Beat the heat with an inflatable pool this summer. An inflatable or frame-supported option is a great choice if you can't have a pricey in-ground pool. 

The Best Candles on Amazon

Nothing provides a warm ambience quite like a lit candle. Whether scented or unscented, big or small, the glow of a candle feels like an invitation to a cozy-fest.

We cut through a lot of wicks to find the best candles that are available on Amazon. We placed a preference towards Prime-eligible candles to cut shipping time and minimize candle-destroying accidents.

So now, you just have to sit back, relax, and browse through some fantastic candles! 

The Best Air Fryers for Healthy and Delicious Dinners

Love the taste and texture of fried foods, but hate the extra fat and dangerous deep fryers? It's time to look into investing in an air fryer. 

The Best Portable Hot Tubs

If you've ever thought about getting a hot tub but balked at the hefty price tag, check out these affordable, inflatable options. Whether you have sore muscles or joints, or you just want somewhere to unwind, an inflatable hot tub could be just what the doctor ordered.

The Best 500 Piece Puzzles
Diego G Vallejo fotographikausa@

Five-hundred piece puzzles offer some intricacy, but you can finish one in an afternoon, especially with some help. So you can get straight to enjoying this puzzle sweet spot, we searched high and low for the best 500 piece puzzles, ruling out brands with poorly cut or even missing pieces along the way. You're just a few clicks away from getting the perfect fit for your next indoors-y adventure!

What You Need to Pack for Any Wedding

Wedding are occasions filled with joy, love, and … well, chaos. Even if it's not your wedding, getting prepared for one can be a frazzling experience. From what to wear to what gift to take, you have a lot on your plate.

Don't worry; we have you covered with all the little things you'll need for the best possible wedding experience, from tissue and flossers to a phone charger! Whether you're going across town or across the world, here are the wedding essentials you don't want to be caught without. 

The Best Furniture to Maximize Space in a Small Apartment

Congrats on your new place! You're so good at adulting that you now live in a studio or one bedroom apartment. But how do you pick furniture for your small apartment to make it reach its fullest potential?

The Guide's Favorite Things: July 2018

Each month we talk about the products that members of our team have fallen in love with recently. These are our favorites for July 2018.

The Best CBD Oils for Sleep

CBD is buzzing right now, but it doesn't get you buzzed. In fact, it can be pretty handy when you need to wind down at the end of the day.

Best Outdoor Toys for Summer 2018

Whether you need to beat the heat with a cool water slide, burn some energy with a trampoline, relax on a family swing, or exercise their brains with a STEM toy like the latest Stomp Rockets, we've got great options ready to order online. Let the summer fun begin!

The Best Wine Clubs and Subscriptions

Whether you're a novice or an expert, wine clubs offer adventure and convenience every month or so. Some rely on quizzes while others choose for you, but every wine club is committed to helping you take the guesswork out of choosing a bottle of wine.

We reviewed the wine subscription landscape and uncorked the best ones. These services are easy to use, provide great value, and of course, ship delicious vino.

The Best Reusable Straws

As awesome as straws are, those of the disposable plastic variety are getting a bad rap these days for how wasteful they are and the harm they cause to the environment. 

If you're sustainably minded, it's likely you're looking into eco-friendly alternatives to plastic straws. And if you were looking, chances are you were overwhelmed by the options. There are all kinds of sustainable straws out there, and we've collected all the best ones in a single list so you don't have any trouble choosing!

Yoga Mats (and More!) for Little Yogis

Yoga is a great activity for kids. It helps with concentration, balance, and general mental and physical fitness. Who doesn't want more of that for their kiddo?

The Guide's rounded up some great options for your little yogini. Check out our mat picks — whatever your criteria — as well as other cool gear. We've found an interactive water bottle, a beautiful picture book, activity cards, leggings, and more. Namaste!

The Best Gear to Enjoy Soccer's Biggest Tournament

The World Cup only comes around every four years, and it's a big deal for soccer (aka football to the rest of the world). This year, the celebrated FIFA soccer tournament is being held in Russia, where 32 global teams will face off to claim the trophy.

Germany won in 2014 — which country will become the new champions? Whoever you're rooting for, you'll want to order these festive toys and gear. Add to the fun of following along with your favorite team!

The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services

Looking to eat healthier, spend less time in the kitchen, and/or get the kids more involved? There's a meal delivery service that's perfect for you.

All of these subscriptions also serve as accessible ways to discover new ingredients and flavors in order to help you build a more complex palate as well as kitchen confidence. Break out the cutlery and slice into these great meal delivery services. 

The Best Beard Care Gifts for Father’s Day

Everything a beardy dad needs to keep his facial hair in tip-top shape. 

Best Jewelry Cleaners In 2018

Your jewels should shine as much as you do.


A Budget Camera That’s Almost As Good

A Budget Camera That’s Almost As Good

If you're simply looking for a reliable instant camera, the Instax Mini 9 is likely right up your alley. 

Available in five eye-catching colors, it offers automatic exposure measurement, which automatically sets the recommended aperture setting before snapping the pic. Basically, this means that it only lets in enough light to take a good photo, without over-exposing the film. It even has a high-key mode for portraits, as well as a selfie mirror for when you're feeling yourself.

Best Flower Delivery Subscription

DIY or Statement Arrangements? DIY

When it comes to flower subscriptions, The Bouqs Co. knows what they're doing. Shipping flowers in bud form from farms around the world, The Bouqs offers the most flexibility in bouquet theme and frequency.

This service was designed for subscriptions while other online florists tack on subscription offerings over time, and you can feel that difference at each step. If you want to "say it with flowers" on more than just the special occasions, this service can help you spread the love.

Best Portable Mirror Compact with LEDs
olivia geyelin

The Hyper Pearl Compact Mirror is a must-have accessory for on-the-go makeup lovers. With a regular and 3X magnification mirror surrounded by LEDs, the Pearl can illuminate your face in any lighting conditions. If that wasn't enough, it also charges any USB device in about an hour. Most importantly, the Pearl Compact Mirror manages to be, well, compact.

Best Luxury Stationery Subscription Box

If you want to take your stationery to a new level, Cloth & Paper sets the gold standard. Choose from a penspiration box, a stationery box, or a combination box. Based on your choice, you'll receive an assortment of elegant pens, mechanical pencils, and stationery items. You can cancel the subscription through CrateJoy, but refund inquiries should go straight to Cloth & Paper.

Best Pot for People Who Don’t Like Strainers and Colanders
olivia geyelin

If you're tired of wasting time and space with strainers, this pasta pot wants to help. The Gotham Steel Pasta Pot has a lid with different sized holes on either side. Unlike other strainer pots, this pot uses external locks to secure the lid. Pasta night just got easier; don't forget to invite us!

Polaroid Pop

New for the holiday season, Polaroid has rolled out a fun new instant camera, the POP. She can toss this little camera in her bag, then take 3” by 4” white-bordered photos instantly.

Available in 6 colors, the POP has great features like a timer, built-in flash, video, and photo booth mode. Film is approximately $1.00 per exposure. A great addition to any holiday party — get those Santa selfies!

High-Tech Water Bottle

Have a kid who's hard to hydrate? Gululu makes water consumption into a game. 

Gululu is an interactive 3D water bottle — yes, you read that right! Kids drink water to grow their virtual pet, encouraging them to keep drinking. As they progress (and hydrate), they can win rewards in the Gululu Universe. It's pricey, but there's a health benefit to this digital game. (Or a digital game benefit to the water bottle, depending on how you look at it.) So it's 2 for 1! Best for ages 3+

A gift for that friend who lives for Wine Wednesday

We all have those people in our lives who really, really love wine. Rich reds, crisp whites, and bright roses—it doesn't matter, all wine is good wine. 

The only problem is that most glasses aren't big enough to sate these wine enthusiasts' desire for vino without refills. Enter the Big Betty. This wonderful jumbo wine glass comfortably (key word here) holds a full 750 ml bottle of wine, ensuring the recipient will be sipping away all evening without having to pause for a refill. T

he best part about Betty is she doesn't look like those jumbo novelty wine glasses. The glass looks a little bigger than your typical wine glass, but most onlookers won't be able to tell that Betty is holding an entire bottle! Big Betty is available in both stemmed and stemless versions.

A BB-8 Building Set

Sometimes the smaller LEGO kits aren’t enough of a challenge. 

This baby has more than 1,100 pieces and several functional moving parts, including a hatch and wheel-activated rotating head. BB-8 also comes with a stand so you can show off your hard work once you’re finished.

Oxo Mixing Bowl Set

A set of clean, white, stainless steel nesting bowls makes a great gift for your favorite baker or cook. 

This set of 3 mixing bowls (in 1.5-quart, 3-quart and 5-quart sizes) has non-skid bottoms for easier handling. The inside of the bowls is stainless steel, while the outside is durable white plastic, which protects from heat. Oxo thought of everything!

Frozen Treat Maker

Use just 1-3 ingredients and make a frozen treat with the Yonanas Classic. 

Bananas are the most popular ingredient — make a quick, guilt-free snack with this fun appliance. The chute, plunger, and blade can be washed in the dishwasher for easy clean up. If you know someone getting healthy as a New Year’s Resolution, this is a helpful gift.

Trendy Tots

If you haven’t heard of this wildly popular toy, L.O.L Surprise! is a plastic ball that contains a little doll figurine and accessories (along with other small things like stickers) inside. L.O.L. Surprise! 

Tots and Lil Sisters are in-demand this year, so chances are good your kid wants one of these in their stocking!

Best Box for Keeping Litter Off the Floor

Even the most high-walled litter boxes can’t keep all the litter where it’s supposed to be. The design of this box, however, is different. 

Rather than a door on the side, cats enter this box through an opening on the top. This means that when they dig around, the litter isn’t going to accidentally get kicked out. The top of the box also acts like a walk-off mat so any litter stuck to Mitten’s paws is brushed off before she jumps to the floor. An added bonus? The shape of this box also helps trap stinky cat odors.

Best Web Swing

Circle swings are all the rage for outdoor play, and this one from Web Riderz is the best! Rated for up to 600 lbs, your child plus a few friends can enjoy the swing safely. 

Fully assembled and ready to hang, install the swing in a tree or on a play structure and watch the fun begin. Made from UV-resistant polyethylene rope and a powder-coated steel tube frame, it’s constructed for outdoor use. For maximum spinning, purchase a 360-degree hook.

Best Tools for Peeling/Shaping

Calling it pumpkin “carving” can be a bit deceiving. If you’re going for a really intricate design, you’re going to have to some peeling and shaping as well. 

This kit is built exactly for that, with five tools that do everything from peeling rinds to making teeny, tiny nicks that only let so much light come through. Reviewers into making 3D pumpkin sculptures say these tools are absolutely worth the investment. Again, if you want to really see what they can do, take a look at the customer images.

Popcorn Packed with Nutrition

It can be difficult to hit the snack trifecta of healthy, delicious, and easy, but when you find that tasty treat, you want it on the menu every single day.

Living Intentions Activated Superfood Popcorn is a light but flavorful snack that offers extra nutrition by way of probiotics that support immune health and promote overall wellbeing. It comes in four flavors, two sweet (Cinnamon Twist and Berry Smoothie) and two savory (Salsa Verde and Tandoori Tumeric).

Best For The Young Yogi

Sugarmat’s luxe yoga mats are now available for kids so she can get her om on. As yoga gains popularity for little ones, both in schools and at home, this cute mat will no doubt come in handy.

They’re non-toxic and machine washable, anti-slip, and they come in fun prints like flamingos, ballet shoes, and unicorns. What else could you want in a yoga mat?

Best For The Gamer

This modern game incorporates digital gameplay with physical stacking, making for a unique tabletop experience. 

Kids can play solo, or with family or friends. Players discover different beasts by stacking some of the 24 pieces on the sensing plinth; you’ll see your creature appear in your digital world. The aim is to work together to build the tallest tower possible — knock it over and a virtual volcano will destroy the world you’ve built!

Best For The Brainiac
olivia geyelin

Remember Simon? The 80s memory game is still alive and well with Hasbro. Bring it to a new generation and put your kid’s skills to the test. 

The game will spit out a pattern in its lights. Players must copy the flashing light sequences to move on to more complicated patterns. The updated version features an LCD display that tracks your wins and allows multiple people to play. 3 AA batteries included. Best for ages 7+

Best Water Bombs

This ZURU outdoor toy is genius. Hook up the nozzle to the hose and watch whole bunches of water balloons fill up at once.

Over 100 balloons fill in just 60 seconds (each pack comes with three bunches of 35 balloons). When they’re full they pop off and kids can start lobbing watery bombs immediately!

This Little Piggy

Little ones love Peyton the pig! 

This little piggy is just one animal choice of 27 in Skip Hop’s popular Zoo collection. A durable 12” backpack, this is a cute bag for younger kids but doesn’t hold the larger supplies a bigger kid might need for school. It’s easy to clean and features an insulated snack pack inside — how convenient!

National Coffee Day 2017 Free Coffee Deals And Specials
olivia geyelin

September 29 marks what is perhaps the most important holiday of the year: National Coffee Day. At The Guide, we LOVE coffee. Regular, drip, cold brew, lattes, cappuccinos—you name it, we drink it. As such, we are seriously jazzed for this greatest of holidays.

And we hate celebrating alone. So first, we want to share with you some of the places that had excellent deals on National Coffee Day last year. These places haven’t announced their 2017 plans quite yet, but we’re staying on top of it and will update this post as more information becomes available!

Dog Beds That Suit Every Pup

A bed for every doggie that needs to stop and rest

Best For Comfy Bums

Just because you're on the move doesn't mean you shouldn't feel like you're sitting on a cloud, right kids? This travel booster inflates in just 20 seconds for cushy memory-foam-filled comfort, and deflates to a size that can be folded and put in a purse.

And your parents won't mind packing it up because it weighs less than a pound when deflated. What's more, it has won over twenty awards and has been rated a "Best Bet" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for six years in a row.

Best Slithery Snake

The new Robo Alive snake is creepy, realistic fun! Watch it slither, flick its tongue, and stare menacingly.

Kids go wild for the robotic pet trend, and Zuru’s new reptiles are great additions -- a lizard is also available! For ages 3+, the robo snake requires 2AA batteries (not included).


An Awesome Brush and Comb Set

An Awesome Brush and Comb Set

The Repsol Care Beard Brush and Comb Kit for Men consists of a natural wooden comb and 100% boar bristle beard brush.

Natural boar bristles help distribute oil, improving hair texture. It is perfect for use with beard oils, balms, waxes and conditioners. The comb is handmade, anti-static and snag-free and works as a moustache comb, too. Comes with a travel-friendly cotton bag. Because if you're going to have a beard, it behooves you to take care of it.

A Face Mask for Your Wild Side
olivia geyelin

What’s more fun than a face mask? 

A face mask that changes you into one of your favorite animals! SNP Cosmetics’ animal face masks come in four varieties-a tiger that prevents wrinkles; a panda that brightens, a dragon that soothes, and an otter that hydrates. So find your spirit animal and take a few minutes to relax and recharge.

Best Mask for When You’re Feeling Silly

So by now you’ve probably deduced that these masks make you look a little silly when you’re wearing them. 

So why not embrace that silliness and just go for it with a mask that makes you look like an animal? With these masks, you can become a cat, pug, panda, or seal as you hydrate and brighten your skin. 

Best For Tiny Tree-huggers

LEGO has a new eco-friendly backpack that’s actually made from recycled water bottles — a great choice for kids who care about the Earth.

Available in four colors (black, red, pink and blue), this 17” bag works best for bigger kids. It’s ergonomically padded, has reflective features, and the zipper pulls are little LEGOs. So many fun features! What’s not to love?

Best Wall-mounted Scratching Post - Entry Level

If your cat gets a little rough with their scratch post, e.g., knocks it over during scratching sessions, a mounted post may be the way to go. It gives cats a sturdier post to hold onto and saves space. 

The 4CLAWS Wall-Mounted Scratching post has a sturdy aluminum frame that connects to the wall via stainless steel mounting screws and wall anchors and offers a sisal rope scratching surface. Reviewers tout this post’s easy installation process as one of its major selling points.

Best DIY Bacon Kit

Who doesn’t love a good rasher of bacon?

This DIY bacon kit allows you to cure your own bacon in about a week, so it’s really for for bacon-thusiasts with a bit of patience. Just grab a nice bit of pork belly, rub in the spices to create a ready-to-slice slab of homemade maple bacon.

Best Coffee Maker That Does EVERYTHING

This SharkNinja standout is basically a full-service coffee bar in one compact, 15-pound machine. It can do hot beverage. It can do cold beverages. It can make you a cup, it can make you a carafe. Just scoop in your coffee grounds, pour in your water and set your six-variety, brew dial (from cup to “full”). The handiest tool in this set-up might be the built-in milk frother; the better for your lattes.

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