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The Best Products From Our Instagram Page

The Guide recommends only the best products that are sure to fit your needs. From silicone lids, pet carriers, we review it all!

Our Instagram page (@theguidereviews) is full of pictures and videos from the products we recommend. 

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The best night creams on Amazon
PLAINVIEW / E+ / Getty Images
The best setting sprays on Amazon
miljko/E+/Getty Images
The best toys and gifts for 3-year-olds
Catherine Delahaye / The Image Bank / Getty Images Plus
The best hair oils on Amazon
CoffeeAndMilk / E+ / Getty Images
The best anti-wrinkle creams on Amazon
svetikd / E+ / Getty Images
Best Toys for 4 Year Olds in 2019
kali9 / E+ / Getty Images
Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys
altmodern / E+ / Getty Images

Dragons and helmets full of water.

Best Gifts for 2 Year-Old Boys
FatCamera / E+ / Getty Images
What to buy a 7-year-old girl

Check out our perfect gift picks for 7 year-old girls!

The best face exfoliators on Amazon
Shana Novak / DigitalVision / Getty Images
The best heat protectants on Amazon
Yale Joel / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images
The best bronzers on Amazon
Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images Europe
The best setting powders on Amazon
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The best leave in conditioners on Amazon
Piotr Marcinski / EyeEm/ Getty Images
The Best Air Mattresses on Amazon
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The best makeup primers on Amazon
Rosdiana Ciaravolo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images Europe
The Best Women’s Sandals on Amazon
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The Best Yoga Pants for Women on Amazon
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The Best Jeans for Men on Amazon
franckreporter / E+ / Getty Images
Top Toys for 7 Year-old Boys
Sally Anscombe / DigitalVision / Getty Images

From a custom fort to the coolest games, these toys will catch his attention.

Best Ways To Smuggle Booze Anywhere

Products that ensure you always have some libations on hand

The Best Projectors for Your Home, Presentations, and Gaming

From computer monitors to televisions, we can all agree that a bigger display is better. Perks like 4K resolution or "smart" connectivity sweeten the deal, but who wouldn't enjoy the cinematic feel of a 100 inch screen?

Whether you want a TV upgrade, dynamic presentations, or an immersive gaming experience, there's a projector out there for you.

The Best Toys for 5 Year Old Girls
Shestock/Getty Images

The most adorable gifts for your favorite five year-old girl. From American Girl to Twilight Sparkle.

Best Gifts for 2 Year-old Girls
GOLFX, Shutterstock / GOLFX

Set off a spark in any two-year-old girl, no matter what her interests.

Big hair don’t care! Brand new Hairdorables surprise dolls are here

Hit surprise toy Hairdorables is back with series 2, and the latest big-haired dolls feature brand new styles, including buns, braids, bangs, and a Color Reveal accessory. The 12 "Big Hair Don't Care" characters are based on the animated Hairdorables YouTube series (about hairstyling vloggers). The thing that makes Just Play's Hairdorables so fun is their head of wild, colorful hair. Your doll could have cotton candy pastel curls, or she could have sleek, jet-black locks. Or teal waves! There's a comb for styling, and the included accessories are a great bonus. The dolls come in a package that's a blast to open; there are 11 surprises in all, including stickers, shoes, a comb, and 2 accessories. 

Best Gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys
Hero Images / Getty Images

Wild water balloons, a robotic puppy, and a trampoline make great toys for 5 year-old boys!

16 Quality Crowd-pleasing Presents Under $100

Crowd-pleasing presents for anyone on your list

The Best Toys for 4-Year Old Girls in 2019
RyanJLane/Getty Images

Princesses, coding, drills and much much more!

The Best Toys for 6-Year-old Boys on Amazon

The coolest presents for little guys, from a rugged ride-on truck to a luminous moon nightlight.

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