The Best Products From Our Instagram Page

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The Best Products From Our Instagram Page

The Guide recommends only the best products that are sure to fit your needs. From silicone lids, pet carriers, we review it all!

Our Instagram page (@theguidereviews) is full of pictures and videos from the products we recommend. 

If you buy products using our links, It won’t cost you extra, and and we’ll earn affiliate commissions to support our work. 


Rawr! We all know a tiny tot who loves imitating the T-Rex, and he will love this ingenious new toy. 

Your child’s hand becomes a sand-loving dinosaur who chews up the playground, making park time even more wild. Or bury the dino head and have an archeological dig!

Best For A Ferocious Dinosaur

The best way to get the party started is with the Margaritaville Key West Frozen Concoction Maker. The 550-watt machine—which costs $220— is equipped with four pre-programmed drink cycles. And, unlike other blenders, the appliance consistently shaves and infuses the ice with your favorite ingredients. Quite simply: This thing is built to party.

Best Blender for Parties

Looking for a high-quality, 360-degree speaker that works great in any situation? Then check out the UE Boom 2, with its extended 15-hour battery life and its shockproof, waterproof (IPX7) design. It has a longer 100-foot range than the less expensive speakers on this list, and has both Siri and Google Now integration for say-it-to-play-it functionality. It’s a great multipurpose wireless choice for anyone with $180 to spend.

Best Overall Wireless Speaker

Yes, you really can wear headphones in the pool—so long as they’re specifically designed for it, like the Swimbuds Sport by Underwater Audio are. They’re in-ear headphones that provide a water-tight seal, delivering high quality sound under the waves. The package includes eartips designed for other activities, too, such as surfing, wakeboarding, running and biking.

You’ll spend a little bit extra for the one-of-a-kind, immersible design ($70), but we think the expense it worth it. They’re our pick for the best sports headphones for swimmers.

Best Sports Headphones For Swimmers

Picture this: You’re on your way out to grab a coffee. As you shut the door behind you, to take one more look and see a forlorn Rover sadly watching you go, obviously yearning to join you on this great adventure. But how can you carry your coffee and dog at the same time?

Look no further! The Alfie Pet Sling is a reversible, durable, and, most important, adjustable sling for schlepping your puppy along when you have to step out. The adjustability ensures that pet owners are able to wear the sling in the way that is most comfortable for them and their dogs. The sling itself is made of denim—which looks good with pretty much any outfit—and has a comfy cotton lining. It can hold up to 12 pounds and is equipped with a safety collar hold to prevent escape. It’s also machine-washable, so spills and dirt are easily remedied. 

Best Pet Sling

It’s time to go! Grab the Petsfit Comfort Backpack, pop in Fido, and we’ll on our way. This backpack carrier has padded straps and accommodates pets that weigh up to 15 pounds. Great option for people who want to take their pets for hikes, long walks, or bike rides without worrying if they’ll be able to keep up.

Best Pet Carrier Backpack

The EarBuddyz EarPod cover is a simple, yet genius product. It’s a silicone cover that slips over your stock Apple Earpods, improving their ability to grip your inner ear during exercise and making them more comfortable to wear as well. The hook attachment gives EarBuddyz even more staying power.

At $10, they’re a great option for upgrading your stock iPhone 7 headphones without spending hundreds on a new pair. EarBuddyz are\ our choice for the best iPhone 7 headphone upgrade available.

Best Sports Upgrade To Your iPhone 7 Headphones

The 360-degree, omni-directional Amazon Echo speaker can stream music and audiobooks from Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Audible and more using voice activation. Its finely tuned listening capability means that you can give voice commands from across the room, even if music is already playing. Echo isn’t just a speaker, however. It can answer questions, read books and the news, and control your home’s lights and thermostats, if they’re compatible. And the Echo is constantly adding new features.

And right now, It’s $90 for Prime members! 50% Off. Perfect time to grab one!

Best Wireless Home Speaker That Can Do Everything

The Vitamix 5200 might be a classic, but it’s still one of the most desired of the blender bunch. With its stainless steel blades, this appliance is ideal for blending medium and large batches of food. Thanks to its power, the Vitamix blades reach speeds so fast that it creates a friction heat, bringing cold ingredients to a hot temperature in approximately six minutes.

Best Blender Splurge for Home Chefs

Remember when eating hard-boiled eggs used to be fun? No? That’s because hard-boiled eggs are the white bread of laid-protein snacks -- they’re white, plain, and kind of boring. Or, they were until we discovered egg molds.

Just put an extra-large, hard-boiled and peeled egg into one of six provided molds, submerge it in cold water for ten minutes, and you have an egg car. Or an egg bear. Or an egg rabbit. No matter which mold you choose, you’ll end up with an adorable egg that will get kids excited and adults saying, “5 stars. Would mold again.”

Best Way To Make Fun Eggs

There are certain holidays that absolutely must be observed. These are: New Years Eve, Arbor Day, and—of course—Taco Tuesday. 

Take your celebrations to the next level with this Corn Tortilla Kit. It comes with a tortilla press, a two-pound bag of Maseca corn tortilla mix, and a basket for keeping your newly cooked goodies warm.

Best DIY Corn Tortilla Kit

Some people love a hard day’s work spent sweating in their garden covered in dirt. And some just want to reap the benefits. For the latter, you’ll love the Cole & Mason self-watering planter. With it, you can keep a store bought herb plant with just about zero effort. It uses hydro-pads, which draws the water as needed, and it requires 40 percent less water than a normal plant. 

Best Indoor Herb Garden if You Don’t Want to do Any Work

Clean your cast iron quickly and easily with the Small Ring Chain Mail Scrubber. This stainless steel scrubber scrapes food off of cast iron quickly and easily with only hot water, and will not damage your carefully curated seasoning. 

Once your pan is clean, rinse the scrubber in hot soapy water or throw it in the dishwasher, and hang it to dry. Easy peasy!

Best Cast Iron Cleaner

Beyond cooking prowess, every grill master must ensure that his or her equipment is in tip-top shape before a barbeque. Really, nothing ruins a cookout faster than prepping about a dozen hamburgers and then realizing there’s no propane. This is why barbeque experts need the Original Grill Gauge just as much as their favorite tongs. 

This little device very accurately measures how much propane is left in the tank. All you have to do is hook it on and lift the tank a few inches. Unlike many of the other gauges on the market, the Original Grill Gauge’s auto-check indicator will maintain its reading even after you put the tank down!

This Gauge Measures How Much Propane Is in Your Tank

The Slice Pen Cutter is the easiest way to open up all those boxes you get in the mail. We put a lot of consideration into what makes this product the best option. Summing it up quickly, the blade is retractable and made of ceramic, which means it is finger-friendly. This is especially good if you’re accident-prone. The blade has a very shallow design, so whatever you’re opening is safe from damage, and it’s the size of pen, making it very portable.

This Utility Knife Will Safely Open All Your Boxes

Can’t quite finish that guacamole but don’t feel like hunting down a container to store it in?

Instead, just seal it up in the bowl you were snacking out of with Orblue’s silicone stretch lids. These lids are an eco-friendly alternative to cling wrap and are BPA-free, non-toxic, and completely food safe. They come in a set of six, so almost any size or shaped container can be covered and sealed in about five seconds flat!

Best Way To Store Food

How cool are these? 

Teabloom’s Fruit Flower Tea Blossoms unfurl into gorgeous flowers once you add hot water. Not just delicious, they make for the perfect Insta-opportunity. Twelve different tea balls are sealed in foil to preserve freshness, so whenever you choose to steep, each tea ball will be fresh as a daisy. Pair with a clear glass teapot for lots and lots of “Likes.”

Best Tea for Instagram Addicts

Treat your cat to some playtime with these toys sure to entertain.

Best Cat Toys

What dog isn’t totally obsessed with playing fetch? ChuckIt! Ultra Balls are rough-and-tumble rubber balls that have a great bounce and can be chased on land or at sea. (Or just in the pool.) 

Available in four sizes so that no doggie is left out, ChuckIt! Ultra Balls can be used with ChuckIt! Ball Launchers so that even weak-armed owners can throw long distances and tire out their pets.

Best Ball Dog Toy

In a gorgeous light pink hue, Roses and Rosé Chocolate Bar infuses Compartés’ high-quality white chocolate with a French rosé and combines the delicious mixture with edible crystallized rose petals. Imagine breaking this baby out for dessert at your next brunch. Just think about impressed your guests are going to be.

Best Chocolate for Wine Lovers

Another portable coffee maker for the busy beverage-loving crowd, the Staresso allows you to make espresso, coffee, and cold brew. No worries if you’re picky about your drink, you can also produce foam for your cappuccino. Who said you had to settle? 

With its versatile functions, you can make everyone’s favorite brew with this manual machine.

Best Manual Espresso Machine for the Foam Lover

The Vanderpump Pets Classic Pet Carrier Tote Bag has the appearance of a high-end designer bag. But this purse is also the ideal carrier for a discerning dog—cargo much more precious than your AMEX. Use this bag when you’re meeting the girls for a drink but want to be sure that Gigi can come along for the ride.

Vanderpump Pets Classic Pet Carrier Tote Bag Dog Purse

Do you love to dip French fries in milkshakes? What about sticking a couple apple slices in your grilled cheese sandwich? If both of those sound delicious, you will want to take a look at the Raacka Pink Sea Salt Chocolate Bar. This 71 percent cacao bar uses a sprinkle salt from Salinas de Maras in Cusco, Peru, to bring out the fruity, sweet notes in the chocolate.

Best Sweet & Salty Chocolate

You know who you are. 

You have all types of chocolate bars stashed in your desk drawers and when a friend asks for a bite of your chocolate cake, your first instinct is to stab her with your fork. Luckily, you don’t have to share Teapigs Chocolate Flake tea if you don’t want to. Dip cookies in this decadent brew for an extra treat!

Best Tea for Chocoholics