Pooch Selfie Stick Review

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Pooch Selfie Stick Review

Think about all of the activities you love doing with your dog. Going on walks, playing fetch, rolling around on the ground, and of course, taking selfies. However, as much as we humans have trained ourselves to find our best angles, Snoopy isn't naturally the best selfie-taker.

That's why someone invented the Pooch Selfie. This clever little tool holds a squeaky Pooch Selfie ball and clips right onto your smartphone or tablet, immediately grabbing Fido's full attention. If he starts to look away, give it a squeeze and the squeak will bring him right back where you want him. Then, after your photo shoot, you can remove the ball from the mount and play a quick game of fetch. Positive reinforcement for the win!

We love the simplicity of this tool, as well as the fact that it's universal, so you can you're your phone in portrait or landscape, normal or selfie, and you don't have worry about it not fitting.

Pooch Selfie has gotten a lot of positive attention from big media outlets such as Time, Business Insider, and the Huffington Post. And, more importantly, it was extremely well-received by The Guide's resident test dog, Ori. Check out our video to see how it worked!

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