Pomsies Interactive Pets Review

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Pomsies Interactive Pets Review

First, there were Hatchimals and Fingerlings, and now there are Pomsies. The latest interactive "pets" are Skyrocket's furry cat balls! Portable Pomsies have an adjustable tail so they can hang out anywhere — they can be wrapped around wrists or hung off backpacks, for instance.

When you touch Pomsies they react; there are up to 50 different sound responses to petting, cuddling, and tickling motions. The first litter of Pomsies come in various pastel colors and have adorable names (Blossom, Boots, Sherbert, Speckles, Snowball, Patches, and Pinky).

When you press a Pomsies' nose it comes to life thanks to the tester battery that's included (but you'll want to swap this out for a fresh AAA battery so it will work interactively). The best part of these toys is that their eyes light up different colors to show their mood. Kids love figuring out how their robotic pet is feeling and tending to them. Teal means happy, blue means sick, green means hiccups, yellow means hungry, pink means silly, and if you get rainbow flashing eyes, that means it's extra happy.

When you pet the Pomsie's back, it purrs. You feed it by holding its mouth, but be careful. Too much feeding causes hiccups! You can even make your Pomsie pass gas (which is a big hit with kids); just hold its' mouth and back at the same time.

If your pet's eyes glow blue, that means it's sick. Stop the sneezing by tapping its nose or cover the mouth area when it coughs. Shivering? Give your Pomsie a hug! Take extra good care of your Pomsie and you'll be rewarded with shimmering rainbow colors.

Each one comes with a brush to keep it looking fluffy. When you're done grooming and caring for your Pomsie, take a break and have a dance party! To activate freeze dance mode, hold down the nose for 1.5 seconds, and wait for the first whistle blow. When you hear the jingle, move the Pomsie to the music, but get ready to stop — when the whistle blows again it's time to freeze.

The low price point and collectible aspect make these weirdly cute little toys perfect for gifting. Stock up for birthdays and the holidays because they may sell out!


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