Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places Picnic Compact Review

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Polly Pocket Tiny Pocket Places Picnic Compact Review

In recent years, vintage Polly Pocket toys from the early '90s have surged in value. If you search those plastic pastel compacts out on eBay or Etsy you'll pay a pretty penny. Luckily, Mattel has caught on to the resurgence of Polly's popularity, so they're re-releasing this nostalgic toy.

The new playset comes complete with an itty bitty doll and accessories, just like the originals. But where '90s Polly was sweet and pastel, the new ones are bright and bold. The dolls and other items are a bit larger and chunkier, but still just as fun to play with.

Another update is the way the dolls interact with the sets. Previously, their feet would fit into little circles throughout the compacts, but the new toy features a "sticky" plastic that lets you place Polly and her pals in various locations in the playsets.

There are quite a few new sets, with themes ranging from swimming to ballet to camping. The picnic compact is a classic pocket-sized set that includes Polly, plus her dog Peaches, a skateboard, and a picnic basket. Inside the set are a scooter, picnic blanket, and cooler.

The new compacts feature rings on the top so kids can clip them onto backpacks or other items. In addition to the compacts, there are larger cases, like the Beach Backpack and the Dance Par-Taay! Case, which resembles another early '90s fave, the Caboodle. With a corresponding new animated show, Polly seems primed for a comeback.

So indulge your '90s nostalgia, millennial moms, and grab one or two of these for your own kiddo! (And we won't judge if you play with them, too.) Polly Pockets are best for ages 4 and up due to the tiny pieces.


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