Pettom Pet Car Seat Carrier Review

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Pettom Pet Car Seat Carrier Review

This seat is perfect for people who do a lot of traveling with their doggies and need to transport them safely from Point A to Point B without letting them out on a leash. The carrier/car seat is designed with mesh panels that allow airflow and keep pets cool and comfortable. 

The carrier is made from a durable nylon and is softly padded for comfort, and it’s carry strap is adjustable, ensuring that the humans transporting the bag have a good grip. Inside the carrier is a tether that prevents your pet from escaping if you open the top of the bag. It’s also collapsible for easy storage when not in use. The Pettom Pet Car Seat Carrier is available in two sizes, small, for pets up to 15 pounds, and large, for pets up to 20 pounds.

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