Petsfit Comfort Backpack Pet Carrier Review

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Petsfit Comfort Backpack Pet Carrier Review

Don't leave your fur babies behind when you're going out on an adventure! The sturdy, safe, and comfortable Petsfit Comfort Backpack is perfect carrier for pets on longer and more active trips, like hikes and bike rides.

The backpack's padded, adjustable shoulder and chest straps allow the wearer to maximize comfort during long stretches of wear time. It has a side pocket perfect for stashing your phone or water bottle. Our reviewer notes, however, that the backpack might be uncomfortably small if the wearer is taller than 6 feet.

Human comfort is only half this backpack's appeal. Its pet-centric features also make it a great mode of transportation for animal occupants. Most important, the backpack is roomy enough for pets to adjust themselves or even curl up for a nap. The top of the bag has a drawstring that allows Fido to pop his head out, but not escape. There's also a collar buckle to further deter unauthorized walks.

The bottom of the backpack is removable, washable, and made of wood and foam—simultaneously soft and sturdy. The sides of the backpack are mesh, which improves ventilation and visibility, very important for long, hot hikes. The backpack itself is also super lightweight and easily folds flat for storage.

For our readers' reference, the dog in the video, Ori, weighs 13 pounds and is 13 inches tall.

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