The Best Hard Cover Pet Carrier

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The Best Hard Cover Pet Carrier

Security is of the utmost importance when traveling with a pet. When the going gets rough, soft carriers just don’t always cut it. With its hard top and hard base, the Pet Magasin Collapsible Hard Cover Pet Carrier safeguards your furry babies from accidental bumps when they’re being toted around. 

And it’s not just sturdy! The carrier has a soft padded mat on inside to keep your pets cozy and prevent them from slipping around, as well as ventilated sides and a mesh front to let Milo and Otis see what’s going around them. 

Being super light (2.2 pounds) and collapsible, the carrier is also great for people who struggle with big bulky carriers or don’t have that much storage space. The top and bottom of the carrier zip together, making a small, flat disc that is easily tucked away on a shelf or in a  closet.

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