The best Down Pillow For Side and Back Sleepers

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The best Down Pillow For Side and Back Sleepers

This Parachute product is in-demand for a reason (there’s sometimes a wait list to get one, in fact). Fans say it provides abundant cradling, support and loft without taking up too much space.

People familiar with down pillows have a another keen observation: With cheaper down, users tend to feel the feathers in the filling. Feathers that often lump up or leak out of a pillow, one annoying feather at a time. But the Parachute firm down pillow is said to have a higher-quality filling that eliminates all of those complaints.

The pillow also delivers an exceptionally fluffy, downy feel that’s so important when you’re shelling out for a luxury-level pillow.

Pro tip: The soft tends be seriously soft. We recommend a medium-firmness for side sleepers, and some patience as you deal with that wait list.