The Best Lil’ Gadget for Mincing Herbs

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The Best Lil’ Gadget for Mincing Herbs

Technically speaking, this isn’t a food processor since there’s no work bowl or spinning action. But the OXO Good Grips Herb Mincer is definitely the best gadget for quickly mincing lots of herbs.

It’s essentially four parallel blades with a non-slip grip that give you the power of four expert chefs all mincing in unison. If you usually use your food processor for deftly obliterating leafy greens, this could be a great investment. The value in this budget-friendly option really comes in the form of instantly-diced flora, but it’s also kind of challenging to clean by hand without cutting yourself, so be careful if you don’t have a dishwasher.

If you ever make fresh pasta at your house, you can use this tool to slice noodles of identical width from a rolled out dough. Similarly, it would work well for making strips of pastry dough for a lattice-topped pie.

The OXO Good Grips Herb Mincer is our pick for best food processor that isn’t really a food processor but definitely minces herbs.

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