14 Essentials for Hosting Overnight Guests

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14 Essentials for Hosting Overnight Guests

While you might not be running a four-star hotel, you want to be sure that any guests spending the night are well cared for and comfortable.

 Regardless of whether you have a spare bedroom, a comfy couch, or just a few extra feet on the floor for an air mattress, here are all the items you need to make sure your guests are able to make themselves at home.


If your house is particularly noisy, whether due to creaky floorboards, small children, or loud pets, a white noise machine is exactly what you need to make sure you can go about your daily routine without disturbing any guests. 

This one offers six natural sounds, including rain, brook, ocean, thunder, white noise, and summer night, ensuring your guest will find a soothing option that helps them fall asleep and stay asleep.

A Machine That Drowns Out Extra Noise

Air mattresses are great for instantly creating a comfy sleeping space. We particularly like this queen-sized air mattress because of its double height, meaning it looks more like an actual bed than a mattress on the floor.

It's made of a durable water and puncture-resistant material and includes its own pump, so all you have to do is plug it in and press a button. Toss on a few blankets and pillows and your guests have a cozy sleeping spot.

An Air Mattress That Looks Like An Actual Bed

A warm and snuggly blanket is key for comfort. This one is soft and lightweight, but also super plush and cuddly. It's also very durable, and wrinkle and fade resistant, so all you have to do is toss it in the washer to get it ready for guests.

It also comes in a plethora of sizes and colors, so you can be sure you get a blanket that can easily be tossed over the back of your couch when you have your house to yourself.

A Snuggly Blanket

A great host creates a place for guests to stash all those little things that can get lost when they're away from home—think jewelry, watch, and lip balm. 

You don't want to be sending an accidentally left behind wedding ring through the mail! The best part about this tray is that the sides unsnap so that it lays flat for easy storage.

A Place to Keep All Their Stuff

We get it, not everyone is down with leather.

If you want a vegan valet tray to prevent the loss of items with nowhere else to go, give this one a whirl. Like the leather version, it has snaps in the corners so it lays flat when you need to stash it away between guests.

And One For Vegans

While most guests come equipped with one of their own, having a few toothbrushes on hand is a good idea—after all, forgetting to toss a toothbrush in a travel bag is not unheard of. 

We like these brushes because they're not only inexpensive, they're biodegradable and come in 100 percent recyclable packaging. That way, even if your guest is only using the brush for a couple of days, you won't feel bad about tossing it once he leaves.

Courtesy Toothbrushes

Many guests don't have space in their bags to carry around their preferred shampoo and conditioner, so having a nice, basic option on hand is often greatly appreciated. 

We like Pantene's Pro-V shampoo and conditioner because it has a very clean, refreshing scent and leaves hair soft and manageable.

Squeaky Clean, Super-soft Locks

We like that this body wash is sulfate-free hypoallergenic to accommodate those with sensitive skin. 

Your guests will thank you for giving them a chance to wash off the gross feeling that comes after a long flight or car ride.

Soap To Wash Away Travel Grime

If you're having guests over, be sure to have some towels that don't look like they've been around for more than 20 years. 

This AmazonBasics set comes with bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths, so guests will have access to a nice, matching set when they come to stay.

Some Nice Towels

Quite a large percentage of people require a cup of java to get going in the morning and good hosts make sure they have some on hand—even if they aren't coffee drinkers themselves. 

This premium instant coffee dissolves in both hot and cold water, so even if guests are iced coffee evangelists, they'll be able to get a morning caffeine jolt.

Instant Coffee for Caffeine-addicted Guests

We've got you covered. This tea bag sampler offers basically every type of tea—black, green, white, herbal, even chai. 

That way you can be sure to offer your guest her favorite brew.

But What If They’re Tea Drinkers?

No one likes when their house guests steal their phone chargers.

Have a few of these on hand for if and when your guests' iPhones run out of juice. They're also super long, so no one will feel tethered to the wall if their waiting for the charge.

An Extra-long Charging Cable for iPhones…

We are equal-opportunity smartphone users here at The Guide. 

Here's a 10-foot cable for Android enthusiasts as well.

...Or Android Device

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