Oster Perform Blend 200 Blender Review

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Oster Perform Blend 200 Blender Review

The Oster Perform Blend 200 Blender might be extremely affordable, but it’s anything but basic.

Loaded with seven easy-to-use, one-touch, pre-programmed speeds, this blender employs 600 watts of emulsifying power in its simple-yet-sleek design. And don’t worry about any pesky clogs when it comes to the Perform Blend 200 Blender, thanks to stainless steel reversible blades that change direction to avoid any blockage.

Speaking of stainless steel, the blender connects the two pieces of metal (instead of plastic) to ensure this $59 appliance functions flawlessly year after year.

Whether you’re making dips, sauces, soups or smoothies (and here are some ballin’ on a budget smoothie recipes from our friends at Chowhound, thank you) it’s hard to beat a blender this impressive and affordable. 


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