Opteka Telephoto Zoom Lens Review

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Opteka Telephoto Zoom Lens Review

If you want to see the moon in all its glory, 1000mm lenses start to do the trick. If you don’t have a few grand lying around, these 1300mm Opteka lenses are the next best thing.

These massive lenses don’t have perks like autofocus or image stabilization, so a tripod is your new best friend if you want crisp images or stable video. These lenses will, however, give your DSLR the zoom it needs to start picking up details on the moon’s surface. Most reviewers report that the trade-off is worth it.

All these lenses come with a 2X teleconverter that bumps the lenses up to 2600mm. You can decide whether or not you need that much zoom at your viewing location. If the eclipse is happening during your sunrise, you’ll also benefit from the anti-reflective coating on the lens. 

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