One Potato Meal Delivery Service Review

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One Potato Meal Delivery Service Review

This is the best food subscription for families with young children.

Inspire a healthy relationship with food (and your kids) by allowing them to get in on the cooking action. All recipes are designed with children in mind. In fact, many recipes come from co-founder Catherine McCord’s Weelicious cookbooks and websites, featuring healthy, creative recipes for children and families.

Kid-sized portions (half of the adult-sized portion) are created with nine ingredients in 30 minutes or less, so you have more time to spend together. Choose from a vegetarian box, with items such as Vegetable Quesadilla with Black Bean Soup or Vegetarian Pho; or an omnivore box with Italian Braised Beef and Polenta Fries or Chicken Kebabs and Couscous. You can also customize your meals to be nut- or gluten-free as well.

Every recipe offers suggestions on which steps are safe for kids to help out with. And if that’s not enough to peak their interest, each box comes with organic slice-and-dice cookie dough, ready for you to bake and enjoy.