The Best Indoor Herb Garden if You Want Variety

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The Best Indoor Herb Garden if You Want Variety

If the thought of one or two herbs growing on your counter feels limiting, this 3-tier planter is the option for you. Grow up to 12 fresh herbs all at once, including basil, thyme, oregano, chives, sage, parsley, cilantro, borage, rosemary, and dill. With this much variety, you’ll be able to add fresh herbs to any dish you’re cooking up.

Bring your garden indoors, or you also have the option of growing it outside, when you want to change it up. Plus, you get to pick between three colors to match your décor or simply choose what you like best -- terracotta, hunter green, or stone.

There’s no work to be done here other than simply adding water. You’ll just need to water the top pot and because of the vertical design, the water works its way down to the plants below. Growing vertically increases production and conserves water.

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